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Brilliant Sky, a High Jewelry Collection

Masterpiece designs inspired by the wonders of nature

The cirrus engagement Ring

Hundreds of heart-stirring diamonds float across the intricately pierced band, evoking wispy cirrus clouds kissing the heavens. An incomparable 5 carat emerald cut diamond makes a statement of astonishing beauty and magnitude.

The ava engagement Ring

Inspired by the delicate beauty of feathers, an exceptionally rare and deep blue 9 carat sapphire mesmerizes at the center of lavishly layered marquise and pear diamonds.

Design Inspiration

A canvas for nature’s most breathtaking wonders, the sky mesmerizes with ever-changing clouds, stars, and soaring birds. The magic and mystery of the world above inspired our début high jewelry collection, one-of-a-kind designs dreamed up for gemstones of the most exquisite beauty and brilliance.

The FEATHER Wedding Ring

An effervescent display of feathers covered in pavé diamonds captures nature in its wild, organic glory. The platinum band is masterfully sculpted to carry the design to new heights.

The Comet Wedding Ring

Like a burst of brilliance racing through the night sky, a masterfully sculpted array of diamonds captures the spirit of a comet in a starry galaxy. Wondrous light ripples through each diamond and brings the comet’s dazzling journey to life.

The stella earRings

The enchanting beauty of vibrant cushion cut blue sapphires is masterfully enhanced by dazzling marquise and pear cut diamonds, like stars lighting up the night sky.