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His and Hers Wedding Bands

His and Hers Wedding Bands

Some theorize that the current tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the third finger came from the Roman’s belief in a vein that carried blood from that finger directly to the heart. Others believe that in Christian ceremonies, the ring would be touched to three fingers relating to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The ring would then be placed on the last finger it touched.
But over the last thousand or so years the resting place of the wedding band has changed, depending on culture, religion, and location. It has been worn on the left hand, right hand, thumb, middle finger and more! Today, these symbols of lasting love are primarily worn on the ring finger (or the third finger) of the left hand.

His and Hers Wedding Bands

Though historical evidence of matching his and hers wedding bands is sparse, we can only imagine that availability led to couples wearing very simple, similar rings. Nowadays, however, couples have access to a wide range of styles, allowing each person to pick a ring that appeals to them personally.
Despite this wide selection, some couples still choose matching wedding rings. Many couples see his and hers wedding rings as much more than a design choice—they also believe that they symbolize equality in a relationship. In other words, if you think of your future spouse as a teammate, think of your wedding rings as your uniform!
His and hers wedding rings are not constrained by strict definitions. They can be:
♦ Matching (the same style or design)

♦ Coordinating (featuring similar elements)

♦ Share a similar engraving (different styles, same engraving)

♦ Matching custom designs (entirely unique, 100% matching)

Matching Wedding Rings

The easiest way to discover matching wedding bands is to look for simple designs. Classic, comfort-fit styles are a popular choice for both men and women, and they come in a variety of precious metals, including platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and palladium. Women’s rings tend to be thinner while men’s rings are wider, so keep in mind that there will always be a slight difference.
If simple bands aren’t quite what you want, look for rings that feature different finishes (like high gloss, matte, or hammered) or unique details (such as milgrained edges). These rings are perfect if you want matching rings that have a little character!

White Gold His and Hers Wedding Bands      His and Hers White Gold Wedding Bands

Coordinating His and Her Wedding Rings

Coordinating his and hers wedding bands are not considered matching—they simply share common design elements. When you choose coordinating rings, you are giving yourself a bit more flexibility in terms of ring design. Here are some features that appear in both men and women’s wedding rings:

Hand Engraving

Wedding bands that feature intricate hand engravings are highly sought-after for their vintage charm and stunning details. While women’s engraved rings are usually adorned on all three sides, men’s engraved bands are slightly more subtle and the designs are a little less feminine. Look for men’s wedding bands that feature Celtic knots or antique scrolls—they might not match hers exactly, but the rings will be in stunning harmony with each other.

Mixed Metal

Mixed metal wedding rings have always been very popular with both men and women; two contrasting precious metals join together to create these versatile, striking designs. Common designs feature a mixture of either white gold and yellow gold or white gold and rose gold, so if you consistently wear one of these combinations your wedding band will always match! We highly suggest mixed metal rings for stunning yet subtle his and hers rings.

Diamonds and Sapphires

If you think that couples can’t have matching wedding bands if she wants a glittering diamond ring, think again! Many men’s rings feature subtle diamond details that allow them to coordinate with women’s dazzling designs. Diamond wedding rings for men can be bold or subtle (think 0.01 carat diamonds!), making them perfect for men who are on the fence about the sparkling gemstones. The same can be said for sapphire wedding bands—which make unique coordinating rings!

His and Hers Diamond Wedding Bands        His and Hers Diamond Wedding Rings

Personalized Engraving

Oftentimes two people can have completely different styles while sharing the same internal values.  If this sounds like you and you partner, go ahead and choose wedding rings that represent you on the outside but share a common personal engraving on the inside of the ring. Whether it’s your favorite line of poetry, a few words to describe your feelings, or simply the date of your wedding, an internal engraving will take two rings that appear vastly different and make them the same where it counts.

Custom His and Her Wedding Rings


Instead of choosing from a range of predetermined styles, many couples decide to custom design their own wedding rings. These rings aren’t just matching—they were literally made for each other. Simply explain to any of our custom design experts what you’d like your rings to look like and then sit back and watch the magic happen. A combination of superior design skills and the latest technology make your dream rings come to life.

Final Thoughts

How closely do you think wedding rings should match? Do you love the idea of custom designed rings or will a simple, shared engraving do? Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments!

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