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Keep Your Ring Sparkling with Regular Cleanings

A Customer Asks…


My fiancé purchased my (stunning and elegant) engagement ring from you not too long ago, and I was wondering what I should be doing regarding maintenance. My ring is a marquise centre diamond set in a three sided pave gold ring.

Brilliant Earth Answers.


I remember your ring, it certainly is a stunner! To help keep it bright and shiny it should be cleaned regularly. A dish of warm water, a splash of Mr. Clean, and a soft toothbrush is all you need. Just scrub it lightly so as not to loosen any of your side diamonds, and remember to plug your sink before you rinse it! The less you touch the diamonds themselves, the cleaner they will stay. We also recommend that you take your ring into a reputable jeweler every six months to have the security of the setting checked. Most jewelers offer it as a free service. Should your ring ever need any maintenance, you are more than welcome to send the ring to us directly if you choose.


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