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Jessica Biel’s Halo Engagement Ring


Fans finally get to see Jessica’s Biel’s beautiful engagement ring from multimedia megastar Justin Timberlake.  The ring, which Biel kept rather well hidden since the couple’s engagement was announced in January, features a stunning emerald cut diamond in a pavé halo setting.  Vintage in feel, yet distinct enough for this modern beauty, the ring brings together old and new in a dazzling, unique way.  Love the look and want one for yourself?  Brilliant Earth carries this setting as well as classic emerald cut and asscher stones.

fancy emerald diamond halo ring

Although the couple announced their engagement early in the year after Timberlake’s holiday proposal in Wyoming, Biel has only recently been photographed with her ring.  Why the wait?  We wonder if perhaps the ring choice wasn’t what the star had in mind.  A ring like hers is very specific stylistically; maybe she had some hesitation about how it integrated with her overall look.


Sometimes we have a very specific vision for our engagement ring, and it may not always be consistent with our typical style.  A fashion-forward urbanite may prefer a classic ring, while someone with a more understated aesthetic may want her ring to sparkle from across a crowded room.


Hopefully Justin did research about his lady’s preferences and aversions for this ultimate gift.  Regardless, it seems like the diamond ring has grown on its owner.  Both pairs—Justin and his bride, and Jessica and her stunner—will certainly continue to dazzle and turn heads.




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