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Environment & Mining Roundup 2007

To keep our website up to date with the important issues and concerns in our work, we read a lot about conflict diamonds. And the global nature of the conflict diamond trade means that it gets covered from many different angles — in terms of human rights, civil conflict, environmental concerns, governmental and regulatory agencies, and industry concerns.


Gold mining and the environment are inextricably linked, as you’ll see in our roundup of media coverage below.

Alaskan economy faces a fork in the river
LA Times – September 1, 2007

Sides form over building one of the world’s largest gold and copper mines at the risk of destroying its longtime fishing industry.

In pictures: Brazilian gold mine
BBC News

These small-scale miners or “garimpeiros” come from all over Brazil.

Unregulated diamond mining wreaks environmental havoc in Venezuela
San Francisco Chronicle – Sept 23, 2007

The long chain of mismanagement in Venezuela’s diamond industry starts at the top, with the government’s own defiance of an international ban on trading conflict diamonds.

Green Gold
Telegraph – Oct 27, 2007

Can a jewellery trade tainted by the scourge of blood diamonds ever take its part in an eco-aware marketplace? Sally Williams joins gold panners in Madagascar at the start of a new and determinedly ethical route from river to finger.


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