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Sapphire and Diamond Rings

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Beautiful Engagement Rings

Looking for a beautiful engagement ring is an exciting process—full of sparkle, deliberation, anticipation, and choices, choices, choices. There are so many different types of stunning engagement ring styles and Brilliant Earth is thrilled to provide a wide array of options. All are stunning, and each one is special. Your most difficult choice may be selecting just one of these beautiful engagement rings.

 True Heart RingStarlight Diamond RingCeltic Love Knot Ring

We offer beautiful engagement rings in a variety of collections, including classic, modern, glamorous, and vintage. Read on to learn more about engagement ring options for this magical time of year.


Classic Engagement Rings

The engagement rings in our Classic Collection feature elegant styles with timeless appeal. Among these classic beauties are several extraordinary solitaire settings, designed to beautifully showcase the gemstone of your choice. You will also find engagement settings with lovely details and beyond conflict free diamond accents that maintain a classic and traditional look and feel. Classic engagement rings are inherently beautiful, and often even the most fashion forward bride envisions a classic engagement ring on her finger.

 Four Prong Comfort RingEntwined RingPetite Shared Prong Diamond Ring

Modern Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a more contemporary engagement ring, we invite you to explore our Modern Collection. These beautiful engagement rings feature modern graceful curves and clean lines, bezel settings, and other contemporary details. Sleek and sophisticated, modern engagement settings look equally beautiful with or without diamond accents.

 Petite Semi Bezel RingSeacrest Ring with Diamond AccentsLuna Ring

Glamorous Engagement Rings

Many brides want as much “look” as they can get for their engagement ring. And for a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, who can blame them? If you love the idea of a ring that dazzles with pavé diamond accents, or glitters in a three stone setting, you may find your perfect engagement ring in our Glamorous Collection. An engagement ring is the ideal opportunity to bring out your glamorous side: choose among luxurious diamond halo rings, avant-garde split-shank settings, multi-row diamond bands, and more.

 Avalon RingAstoria RingInfinity Diamond Ring

Vintage-Inspired or Antique Rings

Vintage inspired and antique engagement rings are soaring in popularity. If you find the romance of this style appealing, you can choose from our Antique Inspired Collection or our one-of-a-kind antique engagement rings, which are each hand-selected by our estate jewelry specialists. Many brides and grooms fall in love with the unparalleled detail and exquisite craftsmanship of vintage engagement rings—and the history of the ring adds a special and sentimental element to their engagement.

 The Oleana Antique RingTiara Diamond RingArt Deco Filigree Diamond Ring

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo ring settings continue to be a sought after choice. This beautiful engagement ring style spans all collections—it can have a vintage aesthetic or modern appeal. Halo engagement rings feature a center gemstone of your choice completely encircled by smaller accent diamonds. Halo engagement rings are especially appealing because they look gorgeous with any size stone—complementing a larger diamond and making a smaller diamond appear larger. Browse our Halo Collection to see why this style is so beloved.

Halo Diamond RingVictorian Halo Diamond RingLuxe Pavé Diamond Halo Ring

Gemstone Choice

There are many lovely options for the center gemstone of your engagement ring. The most classic choice remains a diamond, and within diamonds, the round brilliant shape is the most popular. But there are many other gorgeous diamond shapes to choose from, and Brilliant Earth carries them all—perfectly square princess cut diamonds, soft and romantic cushion cut diamonds, step-cut emerald and asscher cut diamonds, romantic heart shaped diamonds, and more.


For a unique engagement ring at a more modest price, consider a sapphire for the center gemstone. Brilliant Earth carries sapphires in a range of colors and hues. The most popular sapphire color is the rich royal blue, which looks dazzling in a broad range of sapphire engagement ring settings.

 Sapphire Petite Channel Princess Diamond RingSapphire Four Prong Classic RingSapphire Fancy Halo Diamond Ring

Final Thoughts

Combine a captivating center gemstone with a setting that speaks to you for a ring that perfectly expresses your love and devotion. ‘Tis the season to sparkle and glow—why not see both by putting a beautiful engagement ring on her finger?




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