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Adorable Proposal on the Today Show!

A year ago, Dan Silverstein and Rachel Bickle-Stone were talking about their future together. She went to the Brilliant Earth web site and showed her boyfriend a gorgeous sapphire engagement ring. If he ever were to propose, well, this is the kind of the ring she would want, she said. That was the last she heard of the ring—until last week, when the couple, from Las Vegas, visited New York. They were standing in Rockefeller Plaza as the “Today” show on NBC was being broadcast live. Suddenly, the cameras were on the couple.


“I love you, and I’ve been waiting my whole life for you, and I came out here to ask you to marry me,” Silverstein told her. The crowd clapped and let out a whoop. Silverstein, who had arranged with NBC to make an on-air proposal, dropped down on one knee and opened one of our hand-crafted Rimu wood boxes. Inside was a stunning Brilliant Earth sapphire engagement ring, the same one Bickle-Stone had chosen on our web site.  “Will you marry  me?” he asked. Bickle-Stone nodded happily, found the word she was looking for –“yes” – and the couple kissed. “Hey now!” shouted Al Roker, the show’s weatherman.


The Brilliant Earth ring chosen by Bickle-Stone a year ago is our sapphire fancy bezel halo diamond with side stones engagement ring—a ring that bears a striking resemblance  to the one used by Prince William to propose to Kate Middleton last November. Since William proposed, the ring has become one of our top sellers. But Bickle-Stone selected the ring from the hundreds of ring styles we offer long before William popped the question! Talk about anticipating a trend.


To see a video of the marriage proposal and read the accompanying article, click here!


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