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Five Proposals for the Hopeless Romantic

At Brilliant Earth, we love sharing in our customers’ unforgettable memories, whether that’s a birthday, proposal, anniversary, or other special life milestone.   In honor of Valentine’s Day, below are five heartwarming proposals for the hopeless romantic that were dreamed up by Brilliant Earth couples!


1. This groom-to-be scores many hopeless romantic points for his creative use of flowers!



Romantic Flower Proposal


2. This romantic gondola ride – complete with candlelight! – looks straight out of a fairy tale.



Gondola Ride


3. This lucky lady’s fiancé knows that the keys to romance are flowers, candlelight, and champagne.




Candlelit Proposal


4. Music lovers will appreciate the grand gesture in this unforgettable proposal – a mariachi band with an ocean view!



Mariachi Proposal


5. In the most timeless gesture of love, this man professed his love to his sweetheart with a classic love note.



Love Note Proposal


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