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Environmental Concerns

Gold mining is one of the most environmentally destructive forms of mining and is the leading cause of man-made mercury pollution. It also poisons the environment with cyanide, fills rivers with acidic mine waste, and contributes to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Learn more

Labor Concerns

Gold mining is difficult and dangerous work. Millions of artisanal miners earn low wages and are frequently exploited by dishonest middlemen. Dangerous working conditions can cause illness, injury, or death on the job, particularly for the estimated one million children working in the mines. Learn more

Community Concerns

For too many communities, the costs of gold mining are far greater than the benefits. Gold mining has fueled a tragic civil war, led to higher crime rates, facilitated the spread of disease, and threatened indigenous cultures - all while failing to lift local communities out of poverty. Learn more

Dirty Mining practices

Gold mining today relies on practices that are extremely harmful to the environment. Open pit mining devastates the landscape while cyanide heap leaching and mercury amalgamation contaminate the water, air, and ground soil. Learn more about the dirty practices behind gold mining. Learn more

Recycled Precious Metals

As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, Brilliant Earth uses recycled precious metals in all of our fine jewelry.

Because precious metals can be recycled repeatedly with no degradation in quality, they are a naturally renewable resource.


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