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Guest Blog: Words from a Brilliant Earth Intern

Top Ten Favorite Brilliant Earth Customer Quotes


Over the years, our customers have shared beautiful words with us about their experience with Brilliant Earth. We thought it was time to share our favorites! Careful, some of these are tearjerkers.


1. I’d like to send a thank you to your company for putting so much thought and responsible action into offering ethical diamond diamonds and recycled precious metals. It makes the gift that much more meaningful to us. We’re both globally minded geologists, and thanks to your company, I’m able to practice what I preach and smile a little bigger each time I see the ring on my beautiful wife-to-be’s finger. Damon, Ozark, MO – August 2009


2. To have the opportunity to be able to design something with the person you will be spending the rest of your life with is one thing. But, to get to have those special pieces be made a reality by such thoughtful people whom go out of their way to make sure that not even one person is disrespected along the way is priceless. To be wearing the best made by the best, makes my man and I feel on top of the world! We had some crazy ideas and requests for our custom designed rings, and were pretty nervous about what we were asking for. But, BE gave us nothing but smiles, reassurance, excitement….and then perfection! It really is better than anything I ever imagined. They are setting better standards for the jewelry industry and how we treat each other globally! Joy, Oakland, CA – November, 2008


3. Brilliant Earth exceeded all of my expectations. Being a cynical guy I expected an experience similar to buying a car where I get pressured into things I do not need, jerked around on the price, and walk out of the showroom with the distinct feeling that I just got screwed. In reality, I am extremely pleased with every aspect of my buying experience at Brilliant Earth and cannot be happier about the company’s direct alignment with the value I see in protecting human and environmental rights. Chris, Sacramento, CA – August, 2009


4. I can’t imagine being engaged and not having Brilliant Earth in our lives. The founders are committed to sustainability and ethics and their company is true to their mission and so much more. As another Yelper said, there’s no blood on these rings. They are the model of customer service in every sense of the word. I will never forget the day I picked up the ring and how nervous and excited I was all at once. When I finally saw the ring, I knew I had made the right decision to go with BE. Thank you Eric and the entire BE team. A.J. Pal Alto CA – December 2007


5. I proposed to Alyssa on Friday, and she said yes! She was absolutely floored by the ring, and was even happier with it than I could have imagined. I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service, advice, and responsiveness. I will definitely recommend Brilliant Earth to any friends in the market for an engagement ring. Thanks! Leif, New York, NY – September, 2009


6. THE BEST ENGAGEMENT RING! Socially conscious, awesome service and highest quality craftsmanship. Brilliant Earth’s environmental and social missions were the reasons my fiancée originally contacted them. But what was most impressive was their incredible level of service throughout the whole process. The entire Brilliant Earth team did everything that we could ask and offered a ton of helpful suggestions. They really went above and beyond, from helping design the ring to selecting a gorgeous conflict-free diamond. In the end, the ring was exactly what my fiancée had in mind, and I couldn’t be happier! I would recommend Brilliant Earth to anybody who is intrigued by conflict-free diamonds or recycled gold, and to anybody who wants a beautiful engagement ring. Lauren, New York, NY – June, 2009


7. I picked up the ring today. It is BEAUTIFUL. I appreciate all the help I received from Danielle in picking it out and customizing it. There are many companies and jewelry stores that assume that just because a female is purchasing a diamond ring that she is purchasing it for herself. There are many same sex couples that purchase engagement rings for each other and I will highly recommend your company because of your professionalism and respect to ALL couples when making a purchase like this. Jill, Cincinnati, OH – June 2009


8. When I decided that I was going to propose to my girlfriend I knew right away that the diamond I would give her would be a conflict free Canadian diamond. I searched many places to find something that met all my needs and was amazed to find that you not only met my needs but greatly surpassed them. From using 100% recycled precious metals, to donating 5% of the profits, to even making the beautiful box that the ring comes in out of sustainable wood, your attention to important issues pleased and impressed me. Everyone that I communicated with, be it over the phone, through email or both, was extremely amazing. I was kept up to date and informed on the status of my ring. The ring itself is gorgeous, it looks even better than I imagined it, which is a relief when you’re spending a substantial amount of money on something that you don’t see until it’s delivered. Thanks again for the great service and the stunning ring! Darren, Ottowa, ON – February 2009


9. Thanks again for all of your help! I picked the package up last night and to say that everything exceeded my expectations would be a gross understatement. It makes me very happy to think that this ring may be passed down in my family from generation to generation and that it does carry with it not only a message of love but social responsibility. So without getting too terribly sentimental please pass on my most sincere gratitude to everybody that was involved with this. Alex, Reno, NV – January 2009


10. I can’t even begin to thank you for making this possible. I picked up the ring from you, went home, and then took Massimo to the “No On 8” candlelight vigil at San Francisco City Hall, which is the spot where gay marriage first took place. There were 2000 people there, and I pulled some strings and got called up as the last speaker – and to Massimo’s surprise I spoke of hope and a bright tomorrow. And I said “16,000 LGBT couples have already been married in this state – let’s make it 16,001. And so, I would like to ask my partner Massimo if he would marry me” – and I got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and he was shocked and couldn’t believe it, and kissed me and said “Yes” into the microphone in front of this huge crowd that was chanting “Let love win! Let love win!” Really what they needed to know is that no matter what bigotry exists, love will win – even if it takes little setbacks now and then. We called our parents and brothers and sisters from the street, and our calls kept getting interrupted by people walking by and wishing us health and happiness. Massimo LOVED his ring!! Barak, San Francisco, CA – November 2008


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