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The Scoop on the Royal Wedding Ring

Tomorrow’s royal wedding promises to be a magnificent day of pomp, ceremony, and celebration. So many moments will be closely watched—from the arrival of the guests at Westminster Abbey, to the procession after the ceremony, to the moment when Kate and William salute the public from the balcony at Buckingham Palace.  The whole day is sure to be elegant and celebratory, but the moment we’re most eagerly anticipating is when Prince William slips the wedding ring on Kate’s finger. We’re quite curious to know: What will Kate’s wedding ring be like?


We’re already familiar with Kate’s engagement ring. It is the same spectacular sapphire halo engagement ring that belonged to William’s mother, Diana. The ring features an 18 carat blue sapphire encircled by 14 round brilliant cut diamonds, mounted on an 18K white gold band.  We offer several engagement rings with that same stunning look, including our 18K White Gold Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring and our 18K White Gold Sapphire Fancy Halo Diamond Ring. Kate’s gorgeous engagement ring has been kindling interest in sapphires, a terrific alternative to the classic diamond engagement ring.


As for Kate’s wedding ring, we know a few details already. First, it will be made of gold from Northern Wales. Since 1923, all royal brides have worn rings made of Welsh gold, which is so rare and valuable that it is estimated to be six times more valuable than other types of gold.  While we don’t yet know the style, we like what we hear about the ring’s sourcing. The last mine in Northern Wales closed in 1998. The ring actually will be made from a special nugget of Welsh gold given to the Queen in 1981—which means that no new dirty gold mining will be required to produce the ring.


Second, William has decided not to wear a wedding band himself. A royal aide explained to a newspaper that “Prince William isn’t one for jewelry.” This decision also appears to be in keeping with Windsor family tradition. His grandfather, Prince Phillip, does not wear a wedding band, and Prince Charles did not wear a wedding band after he married Diana. We do wonder whether William could have found a wedding band that would have suited him. (In our experience, it doesn’t take long before most grooms adjust to wearing a wedding band.) But we can’t quarrel with William’s decision. The choice is entirely up to him. Besides, after Friday, we’re sure that most of the world will know: William is taken!


Jolene Says:
April 28th, 2011 at 11:20 am

Thank you for this informative post! I was so taken with the late Princess’s sapphire stunner that I chose a smaller version myself when I became engaged 17 years ago. Happy to see sapphires making a comeback (the Brilliant Earth version is gorgeous!)
I’m disappointed, though, about Prince William. He should find a way to demonstrate his committment to Kate, at least for show.
I never knew that about Welsh gold..wondering if the value relates to purity or spirtual tradition?

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