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Thanksgiving Recipe for the Brilliant Earth Experience

In the latest entry in the Brilliant Earth blog series featuring our jewelry specialists, Jeanne Marie Martineau outlines her favorite parts of the Brilliant Earth experience:


Creating a ring with Brilliant Earth is similar to perfecting a “from-scratch” pie recipe! I am really thankful for every aspect of the Brilliant Earth experience.  From start to finish, each step of this process is an ingredient that comes together to make a delicious and rewarding experience! Here is the recipe:


Recycled Precious Metals – How cool is it that you can look at a Brilliant Earth ring and know that it is made of 100% recycled precious metals.  Using recycled precious metals lessen the demand for newly mined gold, which wreaks all kinds of havoc on people and the environment.  And recycled precious metals are of identical strength and quality as newly mined metal. This strength, a natural property of precious metals, makes Brilliant Earth recycled gold a great symbol of your love!

Lumiere Diamond Ring           2mm Comfort Fit Ring            Adorned Trio Diamond Ring


Ethical Origin Gemstones – I am also thankful for ethical origin gemstones. Our diamonds are beyond conflict free and we only work with five diamond mines in the world that have granted us complete transparency!


We also provide several alternatives to natural diamonds like lab grown diamonds (chemically and aesthetically the same as natural diamonds) and sapphires (brilliant gems almost as hard as diamonds and available in so many colors!).


5% of the proceeds from each purchase go back to communities affected by the jewelry industry – Once your perfect ring purchase is complete our work is not done! Brilliant Earth donates 5% of proceeds from your purchase to regions that have been devastated by mining.  From the Diamond Development Initiative’s Tukudimuna Child Labor program to redevelopment in the diamond mining region of Sierra Leone, your purchase is really one you can feel good about!


Brilliant Benefits Extended Service Plan To quote our fabulous senior gemologist, Beth, “rings are like miniature cars you wear on your hands, they need maintenance and tune-ups!” After receiving your ring it is important to remember that it will need aftercare and attention.  Jewelry maintenance can be expensive, especially with changing metal prices and life changes like pregnancy and weight change affecting ring size!   Under BBESP your ring is completely refurbished, the prongs are checked and tightened, and the ring is even resized and re-rhodium dipped (if in 18KW gold) up to once a year! Many jewelers fold the price of these services into their finished jewelry’s prices, but at Brilliant Earth we aim to keep our jewelry prices as low as possible and give customers the choice to opt in to our awesome maintenance plan!


Our Customers – It all starts and ends with you! I am so thankful that Brilliant Earth has the best customers! Our customers are motivated by love and they are making a commitment celebrated by a beautiful gift! They come to us from all over the world with passion and creativity as well as a profound respect for the earth and the people of the world.


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