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Government Roundup 2007

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Community & Advocacy Roundup 2007

Regulatory Roundup 2007

To keep our website up to date with the important issues and concerns in our work, we read a lot about conflict diamonds. And the global nature of the conflict diamond trade means that it gets covered from many different angles — in terms of human rights, civil conflict, environmental concerns, governmental and regulatory agencies, and industry concerns.


Read on for our roundup of regulatory issues in controlling conflict diamonds.

Hard Question
San Diego Union Tribune – Dec 4, 2006

The action-adventure film “Blood Diamond,” opening Friday and starring Leo DiCaprio, is throwing a spotlight on gem-fueled horrors that human rights activists have tried to get on the public’s radar screen for years.

CNN.com – Transcripts
CNN International – Dec 9, 2006

Even today, as Jeff Koinange reports from the Congo, these beautiful gems often come with a shameful past.

Blood diamonds’ many facets
News & Observer – Jan 11, 2007

But however sincere and laudable the effort, the industry’s response exposes deep limitations both to regulating the diamond trade and to delegating international responsibilities to private actors.

Stones of contention
Telegraph.co.uk – Jan 27, 2007

The £31bn-a-year diamond industry has welcomed a scheme to halt the illegal ‘conflict’ trade, whereby rebel groups in Africa’s civil wars are funded from the profits.

UN removes ban on Liberian Diamonds
The Associated Press – April 28, 2007

The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to lift a ban on Liberian diamond exports imposed in 2001 when so-called “blood diamonds” were being used to fuel civil wars in west Africa.

 Zimbabwe “among conflict diamond traders”
IOL – May 22, 2007

Zimbabwe and Venezuela have not been cooperating with the Kimberley Process, the international effort to stamp out trade in conflict diamonds, the Antwerp-based World Diamond Council (WDC) says in its May 22 Antwerp Facets.

Second Conflict Diamond Arrest
Jewelers Circular Keystone – Jul 1, 2007

In the second conflict diamond-related bust in the span of a few months, federal agents seized 957 diamonds in Wilmington, Ohio, allegedly imported in violation of the 2003 Clean Diamond Trade Act.

KP Team Mulls Congo-Brazzaville Readmission
Rapaport – Sept 6, 2007

A Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KP) review team is in the Republic of Congo this week (September 3-7) to assess the country’s possible readmission to the KP.

Kimberley Process Not Rushing to Expel Venezuela
Rapaport – Oct 9, 2007

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KP) is discussing how to proceed with the status of Venezuela as pressures have intensified to expel the country from the scheme.

Belgium investigates suspected blood diamond trade
Reuters – Oct 29, 2007

Belgian prosecutors are investigating suspected trading through Antwerp in conflict diamonds used to finance war in Africa, justice officials said on Monday.

EU Looks to Further Tighten Blood-Diamond Trade
Voice of America – Nov 6, 2007

The European Union is hosting a meeting this week to assess the progress in eradicating conflict diamonds – illicitly traded diamonds that have fueled a number of wars across Africa.

EUROPE:Diamonds from Cote d’Ivoire Need Cleaning
IPS – Nov 8, 2007

A new initiative for preventing diamonds from financing conflict in the Cote d’Ivoire has been agreed at an international conference in Brussels.

Summit to cut conflict gem trade
BBC News – Nov 7, 2007

Governments, mining and trading firms and NGOs are meeting in Brussels to discuss the trade in conflict diamonds.


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