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Pink sapphire rings – pretty in pink


One style trend we love is the pink sapphire engagement ring.  A decidedly feminine and flattering gemstone, pink sapphires pop in any setting you choose, from a classic solitaire to a detailed vintage-inspired design.  These blush colored beauties pair especially well with floral accents and micropavé, which heighten the romantic sensibility.


Pink sapphire solitaire ring    Vintage inspired pink sapphire ring    pink sapphire and diamond band

At Brilliant Earth, we see that pink sapphires are becoming an increasingly desirable and glamorous choice for engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewelry.  Pink sapphire engagement rings offer a spectacular and distinctive alternative to a traditional diamond.


Pink sapphires are generally best for the über romantics, as well as those who aren’t afraid to bend tradition.  Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking pink.  Is this a color your girl is drawn to in her everyday life?  Does she have a lot of pinks and purples in her wardrobe?  Does she tend to be fashion forward as well as feminine?   Both sentimental and stylish, the gal who wears pink on her left hand is confident and proud of her aesthetic.


Engagements and weddings are not the only time to embrace the pink sapphire style trend.  A pink sapphire makes an excellent statement for special celebrations, such as a milestone anniversary or the birth of a baby girl.  Here too you can choose a ring with a pink sapphire center stone, select a diamond and pink sapphire band, or opt for a pink sapphire pendant to honor the occasion.


Enduring and ideal for everyday wear, pink sapphires are always radiant, eye-catching, and unique.  They are among the world’s most highly prized gemstones, and it is easy to see why.



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