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Made in — Where?

JCK, the jewelry industry’s leading trade publication has a new report out highlighting how Country-of-Origin notification requirements in the US are generally ignored by the jewelry industry. US law requires that every piece of jewelry sold in the US display Country-of-Origin marks. But most jewelry retailers disregard the requirement, even as consumers are becoming more conscious about where their jewelry comes from.


In fact, Brilliant Earth’s jewelry stands out for being made in the US from ethical sources. A lot of jewelry isn’t made in the US–this year, US jewelry imports from China increased 81 percent; India, 176 percent; and Mexico, 152 percent. And American brands like Lagos, David Yurman, Tiffany, and Robert Lee Morris tap into manpower at overseas factories when product demand exceeds production capabilities.


But by using US jewelry makers, Brilliant Earth’s jewelry is high quality and fair labor. And we’re able to offer custom designs with generally faster delivery times. Plus, we like minimizing transportation to stay as eco-friendly as possible!


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