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Introducing Brilliant Earth’s New Website Features

In our continuing effort to provide as much detail as possible about the origins of our ethically sourced jewelry, we’re excited to announce the following recent additions to our website.


Colored gemstone mining is often conducted unscrupulously and in a manner that damages the environment and creates adverse labor and living conditions for miners and local community members. Our sapphire and emerald collections are obtained with minimal impact on the environment and positive impact on laborers and their communities.


* Visit https://www.brilliantearth.com/sapphire-issues.aspx to learn about how our fair trade, conflict-free and environmentally responsible sapphires are making a positive difference to the regions in which they are mined.


* Visit https://www.brilliantearth.com/ethical-emeralds.aspx to read about our socially and environmentally responsible Colombian emeralds. Learn about the efforts of our partnering gemologist to build communities and international standards for fair labor practices.


Brilliant Earth is proud to dedicate 5% of our profits to communities impacted by the jewelry trade. Visit https://www.brilliantearth.com/giving-back.aspx to learn about some of the ways in which we’re giving back, investing in communities, and mitigating injustice in the mining industry. You’ll read about some of the causes to which we donate, including numerous environmental initiatives, as well as programs that provide skilled job training and medical care for workers and their families. You’ll also find out how to get involved in promoting ethical and eco-friendly practices in the jewelry industry.


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