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Green Weddings


Green weddings have become increasingly popular, and we hope they’re here to stay. When you choose to honor your commitment to your partner with an environmentally responsible celebration, you can actually lower costs, inspire friends and family, and demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of the earth.


Green Weddings - Happy CoupleEco-friendly rings in nature


You’ll want to begin, of course, with an ethically sourced, conflict free set of rings – the ultimate symbols of your union and your shared values. But for the wedding day itself, there are several eco-friendly steps you can take to plan a green celebration that you and your guests can feel great about.


Minimizing the Paper Trail: Use recycled paper and eco-friendly inks for your wedding, or opt for pixels instead of paper with electronic invitations.


Giving & Receiving Green: Register for eco-friendly products and try to reduce shipping resources whenever possible. If you’ve already set up a home together or prefer to not receive too many gifts, ask guests to donate to your favorite charity, instead.  Some couples also opt to make small donations in the names of their guests instead of offering favors.  For bridesmaid gifts, consider recycled jewelry ideas.


Eco-friendly Attire: Consider vintage or pre-worn gowns, or environmentally-friendly attire with organic fabrics. After the event, think about donating gowns to organizations such as Brides Against Breast Cancer, which will pass along proceeds to worthy causes.


Setting an Eco-friendly Scene: Respect nature and humankind with a picturesque outdoor ceremony. And to highlight nature’s beauty, you can decorate your venue in a way that is both festive and green.


Keeping it Local: Green weddings are local weddings, so be sure not to overlook your own backyard as a potential venue. The less transportation it takes to get food, decorations, and people to your event, the smaller the carbon footprint will be on your big day.


As you consider all these options for creating a green wedding, you might want some reassurance along the way that you are making earth-friendly choices. Consult resources such as Terra Pass’s Wedding Carbon Calculator to estimate your wedding’s environmental impact, and consider carbon offsetting, if appropriate.




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