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Government Roundup 2007

To keep our website up to date with the important issues and concerns in our work, we read a lot about conflict diamonds. And the global nature of the conflict diamond trade means that it gets covered from many different angles — in terms of human rights, civil conflict, environmental concerns, governmental regulations, and industry concerns.


Here’s our roundup of media coverage on how governments are responding to conflict diamonds.

African diamond producing countries seek greater influence
International Herald Tribune – Nov 4, 2006

Diamond producing African countries on Saturday formed an association to protect African diamond prices and production and help stem the illegal trading of conflict diamonds.

Africa: Only Conflict-Free Diamonds, Please
All Africa – Nov 10, 2006

Ghana, implicated in trafficking conflict diamonds, has been given a three-month reprieve by a global watchdog set up to eliminate the trade in so-called blood diamonds.

‘Blood Diamond’: The Way It Was
Washington Post – Dec 15, 2006

Paul E. Simons, deputy assistant secretary for energy, sanctions and commodities, and Sue Saarnio, special adviser for conflict diamonds for the Bureau of Economic, Energy and Business Affairs, briefed the media last week on what the United States is doing to stop the world’s bad actors from selling diamonds to finance their nefarious doings.

DR Congo reviews 60 mining deals
BBC News – Jun 11, 2007

A Democratic Republic of Congo commission is to review at least 60 mining contracts signed in the last decade, the government says.

Myanmar to hold new gems sale despite boycott call
Agence France Presse – Oct 11, 2007

Military-ruled Myanmar said Thursday it would auction off its world-renowned gems and jade next month, despite growing calls for a boycott on its precious stones — a major money-spinner for the junta.


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