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Square Engagement Rings

Square engagement rings—those featuring square shaped diamonds at the center—are soaring in popularity. There are many beautiful choices for square engagement rings, for the center gem as well as the setting, and we invite you to explore all of your options for a dazzling, distinctive look.


 Luxe Shared Prong Ring


Square Shaped Diamonds

Dreaming of a square engagement ring? There is an array of exquisite square shaped diamonds for you to choose from. Scintillating and sparkling or clean and classic, one of these gems may be perfect for you.


Princess Cut Diamonds

If you love the sparkle and fire of round brilliant diamonds but are drawn to square shapes, a princess cut diamond is an ideal choice. With extra faceting and pointed corners for a perfectly square, contemporary look, princess cut diamonds are the most popular square shaped diamonds.  In fact, they are the second most popular diamond shape after round brilliant diamonds.


Recommended Settings: While it’s hard to go wrong with selecting a setting for a princess cut diamond, they look especially stunning in classic solitaire settings or juxtaposed with round brilliant accent diamonds for added sparkle.  Their angular, contemporary beauty and clean lines are also an ideal match for geometric settings or three-stone settings. Browse princess cut engagement rings.


 Petite Trellis Ring3 Stone Princess Diamond Trellis Ring


Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds have some characteristics of a round brilliant diamond, some of an oval diamond, and some of a princess cut diamond. With rounded corners that lend softness, cushion cut diamonds have a soft, romantic look and a square or rectangular shape. While the antique forms of cushion cut diamonds had large facets and light interactions similar to that of less sparkling old mine cut diamonds, modern cutting techniques make today’s cushion cut diamonds more brilliant than ever.


Recommended Settings: Cushion cut diamonds look especially alluring in halo or vintage-inspired settings and also look beautiful set in delicate pavé diamond bands. Browse cushion cut engagement rings.


 Fancy Bezel Halo Diamond Ring


Asscher Cut Diamonds (also called Square Emerald Cut Diamonds)

Emerald cut diamonds are classic and supremely elegant, and although they are more widely seen in rectangular proportions, square emerald cut diamonds have a rich history, making them a both fresh and timeless choice for your engagement ring. Emerald and asscher cut diamonds both feature “step cuts” of broad, flat facets, offering a look that shimmers and dances gracefully with light. These beautiful diamonds are unparalleled in sophistication.


Recommended Settings: Asscher cut diamonds look sleek and modern in solitaire settings that show off their distinctive shape, but are also beloved by admirers of vintage, romantic designs. Their unique shape and transparent look perfectly matches with an antique inspired feel.  For a look that embraces contrast beautifully, select a setting with round brilliant accent diamonds in a shared prong band. Browse asscher cut engagement rings and emerald cut engagement rings.


Petite Tapered Trellis Asscher RingPetite Channel Set Asscher Diamond Ring 


Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds combine the brilliance of a round brilliant diamond with the square or rectangular shape of asscher or emerald cut diamonds. In this way, radiant cut diamonds unite the sparkle in faceting that comes from modern cutting techniques and the elegance of a step cut diamond.


Recommended Settings: With trimmed corners for a soft sensibility, radiant cut diamonds look magnificent in vintage-inspired, micropavé settings. Their intense brilliance is also well suited for glamorous engagement rings.  Radiant cut diamonds in larger sizes look great in these delicate diamonds bands and because of their unique attributes are well supported by accents in any shape and style (such as micropavé, shared prong, or channel set). Browse radiant cut engagement rings.


 Petite Tapered Pave Radiant RingTiara Radiant Diamond Ring


Additional Considerations


Value of Square Diamonds

Due to the laws of supply and demand, square shaped center diamonds also typically offer a greater value than round brilliant cut center diamonds. Selecting a square engagement ring of any type may allow for a larger diamond within your budget.


Remember the 4 C’s

We recommend that you learn about diamonds in advance of your engagement ring search, and bear in mind that depending on which square diamond type you select, some traits may matter more than others. For example, color and clarity will be more important if you opt for an asscher cut diamond, as the step cut faceting intrinsic to this cut makes both color and internal inclusions more visible to the naked eye. Our jewelry specialists are happy to offer personalized recommendations for particular diamonds.


 Antique Nouveau Ring with Diamond Accents


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