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White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold is a sought after precious metal for engagement rings and is a less expensive alternative to platinum. This precious metal is beloved after for its gleaming white finish that makes diamonds truly dazzle. Have you ever wondered, however, what white gold is made of? It’s called gold, but why does it look silvery white?
Double Halo Diamond Ring
The rich, earthy color that most people think of as “gold” is either pure 24 karat gold or an alloy that retains its yellow color. (An alloy is a mixture of two or more elements, most often metals.) It is important to understand that pure gold takes on different hues depending on what metals it is alloyed with—yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold being the most popular combinations. Creating these alloys actually makes a ring stronger because pure gold is much too soft for fine jewelry.
White gold can often be confused for sterling silver or platinum at first glance, but it deserves to be recognized for what it is!

Stunning White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold is our most popular precious metal for engagement ring settings because it exquisitely complements the icy white sparkle of a center diamond. It can also turn a row of diamond accents into a ring of pure, brilliant light. White gold is slightly less expensive than platinum, and is also very strong and resistant to scratching. White gold looks like platinum because it has been coated in rhodium, a member of the platinum family. This coating gives the ring its desirable pure white sheen. Everyday wear will eventually diminish the rhodium, but all you need to do is have it re-coated to restore it to its original condition!
Discover engagement ring settings that are made even more exquisite by white gold!

White Gold Engagement Rings


Halo Style White Gold Engagement Rings

Halo style engagement rings feature a circle of diamonds that embrace a center stone. Many halo settings also feature intricate diamond side stones that adorn the band or are arranged into stunning designs. Yellow gold and rose gold prongs are more easily visible in these big, bright diamond rings, which is perfect if you love the warmer gold tones. White gold, however, blends in with the diamonds, making a halo look like one glittering diamond itself.
If you love white gold and you adore halo styles, we recommend our classic Halo Diamond Ring with Side Stones, our Double Halo Diamond Ring, or our stunning Sienna Diamond Ring.

White Gold Engagement Rings


Glamorous White Gold Engagement Rings

Our glamorous collection is all about the dazzling diamonds. These rings are big, bold, and born to be in the spotlight. White gold is a very popular choice for these stunning rings due to its pure white rhodium finish. White gold serves as a fantastic supporting character because it allows diamonds (particularly princess cut center diamonds and pavé-set diamond accents) to take the lead. White gold only ever enhances the beauty of a diamond!
We highly recommend the glamorous Three Stone Diamond Trellis Ring, the split-shank Astoria Diamond Ring, or the beautifully structured Infinity Diamond Ring. These glamorous settings are the perfect match for any of these diamond-centric, luxurious settings!

White Gold Engagement Rings


Modern White Gold Engagement Rings

Modern jewelry tends to follow the general principles of modern design by featuring clean lines and minimalistic settings. Modern designs also tend to be highly monochromatic, featuring greys, silvers, neutrals, and whites. The rings in our modern collection are understated, but they are also the epitome of contemporary style. The precious metal is often highly visible in a modern setting, so white gold maintains the minimalistic, monochromatic style by contributing to a clean, white palette.
If you are looking for the perfect modern white gold engagement ring, we recommend the bezel-set Luna Ring, the gently curving Cascade Ring, or the bold Marina Ring.

White Gold and Colored Gemstones

Diamonds aren’t your only option for a stunning white gold engagement ring! This gorgeous precious metal looks lovely against a variety of colored gemstones. The white gold creates a subtle background that beautifully contrasts with your colored gemstone. If you are looking for a colorful engagement ring, you have several choices. You can either choose a white gold pre-set sapphire ring, or you can choose one of our emeralds or unique colored sapphires and set it in your favorite white gold style! You can even custom design your perfect white gold ring!
White Gold Engagement Rings

Final Thoughts

What is your favorite type of precious metal? Do you love white gold as much as much as we do? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments!

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