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Contention surrounding Pebble Mine

The proposed new Pebble Mine in a remote area of Alaska has become a major source of contention for locals, fishermen, mining operations and international activists. Situated near the edge of Bristol Bay in southwest Alaska, the Pebble Mine site is rich in gold and copper and, if built, would be the largest open pit mine in North America. The site is located on relatively pristine state land that is rich in non-renewable natural resources, particularly large populations of salmon. Nonetheless, in a recent election, Alaskan voters narrowly rejected a ballot measure intended to increase protections for streams where salmon live.

The Pebble Mine site is surrounded by numerous rivers that constitute the headwaters of one of the world’s last great runs of Pacific Salmon. While the mine is expected to yield billions of dollars in revenue and jobs for indigenous locals, it would severely damage the fragile ecosystem and the livelihoods of fishing industry workers, many of whom are also descendants of native peoples. Also, at present there do not appear to be any proposed initiatives to filter revenue back into the local economy, to offset environmental damage in any way, nor to support the sustainable development of the region.

Brilliant Earth offers only recycled gold, and would not source from mines that destroy such fragile ecosystems. We join other industry leaders in boycotting the mine and do not support its establishment.

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