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Sought after as an alternative to the traditional, white gemstones feature scintillating sparkle and brilliant cuts that reflect the light. The most popular white gemstone was discovered in the crater of a meteor decades ago and has since been hailed as a gift from the stars: moissanite. Moissanite in many ways is similar to a diamond but refracts a rainbow diamonds are incapable of emitting. To learn more about the differences between moissanites and diamonds, check out our moissanite vs. diamond guide. Another popular white gemstone is the white sapphire, which features unique faceting at a very affordable price.

Once you have selected the perfect white gemstone, it is time to find a setting to match it. Our curated selection of designs ranges from nature-inspired to ultra-modern. Plain bands give way to luxe diamond-accented styles, while other settings are unique enough to catch the eye. Choose a gemstone ring setting for your white gemstone that will complement and enhance its beauty.