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Classic engagement rings all have one thing in common: they're timeless. Though they're aways on trend and sophisticatedly simple, classic engagement rings can vary widely in style. From sleek solitaire silhouettes, pavé diamond bands, three stone accents, nature-inspired, to dazzling halos, these designs are undoubtedly heirlooms in the making. Classic engagement rings will be special all the way from the moment you propose until you decide to pass them down for generations to come.

At Brilliant Earth, classic engagement rings are elevated with the use of Beyond Conflict Free™ diamonds. Ethically sourced and of the highest quality, our diamonds go beyond normal standards to improve ethics and transparency within the jewelry industry. Don't hesitate to reach out to our team of jewelry experts with any questions you have while in the process of creating your perfect classic engagement ring.

The most classic engagement ring style is the solitaire setting. Beloved by all, the solitaire setting is the definition of simplicity, which guarantees stylish longevity. A minimal band with one strong stone will always be associated with the original, ideal engagement ring, so it will always feel timeless. Solitaires are most often requested with a round brilliant cut for endless shine, but you can modernize a solitaire with a more unique cut, such as an oval or pear.

The runners-up for the most classic engagement ring style involve additional gems. First would be the sparkly halo setting, which helps create the look of a larger gem with smaller stones around it for enhanced brightness. Three-stone rings are another accessorized setting that make a classic engagement ring extra meaningful. The biggest center stone symbolizes your present love, while the flanks represent past and future.

A classic engagement ring is timeless. Whether it’s the shape, setting, or stone, a classic engagement ring has enduring and iconic features that ensure it never fails to impress and is always worthy of an heirloom. “Classic” usually implies an engagement ring with pared-back design and materials to feel vintage-inspired. Examples include yellow gold, a basket setting, a round stone, and pavé accents.

With the emotional magnitude of such a life-long decision, a classic engagement ring can provide a sense of comfort and certainty. When your ring holds appeal across generations of style and wearers, your choice feels more reassuring. Eternally fashionable is just what you’re looking for in a ring that promises forever.

Without a doubt, the most classic shape for an engagement ring is round, specifically round brilliant because it sparkles the brightest. Because radiance is sought-after in an engagement ring, these shapes will enjoy their status as classics. The romantic round engagement ring proves that if you want to go far, go simple.

But there are also plenty of angular classics. The elongated emerald cut engagement ring can trace its elegance to the Art Deco era, perfect when you want a ring that says “sophistication.” Princess rings offer a more dramatic approach to square cuts, while cushions share the general outline but with more rounded edges. These rings all continue to be classics because their shapes are familiar, and their many-sided faceting allows for a lot of shine.

The classic engagement ring stone is, of course, a diamond. It’s synonymous with engagement rings. White diamonds are the go-to marker of elegance and luxury. These gems are colorless or have a minor yellow tint. But the rainbow of colors diamonds offer isn’t limited to the fiery flashes deflecting off their surface. Diamonds actually come in most colors.

Lab grown diamonds are a more affordable alternative for an engagement ring, without sacrificing quality. They have the same appearance to suit your classic, elevated taste, but they also incorporate modern standards for environmental and human rights. You can choose the exact size and shape that you want for a personalized take on a classic engagement ring.

Of course. Classic engagement rings are convenient for their versatility, so they can cleverly blend with more contemporary accents. You decide whether that sacrifices any feeling of trend or antiquity. For example, round shapes fit with almost any setting, so they’re the perfect element to then build on your wedding day essential of “something old, something new.” Take what you want from history for your classic engagement ring and add your own personality, including a more exciting wedding band.