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Endless Love and Infinity Rings

Infinity Rings

The concept of infinity is both comforting and profoundly awe-inspiring. It can encompass the entirety of the endless universe, or it can be observed in something as small and beautiful as a ring. Though infinity is commonly used in math and science, many of us prefer to ponder the philosophical and romantic meanings of the term. The roots of the word—the Latin “infinitas”—means unbounded, or limitless. These are concepts that many young couples are considering when they are about to start their lives together. There are endless paths for them to choose from as they bravely forge their way together.
Many couples feel as though they have always known each other, and that they will be together until the end of time. Their love is infinite, and many will choose an infinity ring to represent that belief.

What is an Infinity Ring?

An infinity ring is a ring that incorporates the infinity symbol. This symbol was originally created in 1655 to be used in mathematical equations. A sideways figure eight, this symbol visually represents a line that never ends. This symbol has become internationally recognizable and serves as inspiration for many works of art, including tattoos!
Keep in mind, however, that infinity rings should not be confused with eternity bands. Eternity bands are rings that feature a consistent design that completely encircles the finger. Whether the ring features hand engraving, milgrain, or even diamonds, the details must continue consistently around the ring. Diamond eternity bands are a highly sought after style that many women choose as wedding rings.
The infinity symbol can easily be incorporated into wedding rings, engagement rings, or even a beautiful right hand ring.
Eternity Rings

Infinity Engagement Rings

Infinity engagement rings are a beautiful way to promise forever. An amazing way to include this design in an engagement ring is to set a small diamond encrusted infinity symbol on each shoulder of the ring, flanking the center gemstone. Set any diamond or colored gemstone between two diamond encrusted infinity symbols for a unique, harmonious engagement ring with side stones.

Infinity Bands

Oftentimes infinity engagement rings will come with a wedding band that contours to the dips and curves of the infinity symbol. This type of band creates a cohesive overall look! If you’re looking for a freestanding infinity band, you have several options. Some rings prominently feature a single infinity symbol that stretches across the top of the finger—perfect for a right hand ring! If you are looking for a wedding band, look for a hybrid of an infinity ring and an eternity band. These ring feature a diamond infinity symbol that wraps perfectly, endlessly around the entire finger.

Irish Infinity Rings

If you are looking for a ring that pays tribute to Irish culture, look no further than a Celtic Knot Ring. Celtic knots share many qualities with the infinity symbol. These unique, complex symbols have been found on Celtic artifacts that date back thousands of years, including the Book of Kells. Like the infinity symbol, Celtic knots are made of lines that perfectly interweave to form an endless pattern. They are known for being incredibly intricate and detailed, bringing to mind two lives being woven together.
A simple trinity knot is an elegant design that frequently appears in Celtic jewelry. This symbol features three pointed loops that are endlessly connected. Not only does this symbol represent never-ending love, it is also thought to have ancient spiritual meaning as well.
You don’t have to be Irish to appreciate these gorgeous designs. Look for engagement rings that feature any of these ancient symbols!
Infinity Knot Ring

Custom Infinity Rings

If you have a picture in your mind of the perfect infinity ring, but you’re having trouble fining a style that matches, go ahead and create your own custom design! Our custom design experts have created a number of stunning infinity styles. From infinity scrolls on men’s wedding bands to halo style infinity rings, our team of specialists is prepared to make it happen! Designing your own infinity engagement ring makes this special symbol even more meaningful.

Final Thoughts

Do you love the look and meaning of infinity rings? What does this style mean to you? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments!

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irma bell Says:
October 19th, 2013 at 6:01 pm

There is no beginning or end only a middle where the two hearts join for love. This is what the infinity style means to me. Thanks

mary ellen henry Says:
November 7th, 2013 at 11:41 am

I do love your site. I am retired and do not have much money, but I do have a lot of imagination! I love beautiful things, jewelry, flower, websites…thank you for such an enjoyable experience!!

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