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Boston Inspired Engagement Rings

The streets of Boston, Massachusetts are teeming with history, culture, and boundless energy. Established by colonists in the year 1630, the citizens of Boston would eventually play a major role in the American Revolution, helping to usher the United States into its national infancy. Apart from its cream pie and baked beans, Boston is known for being a hub of higher education thanks to prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Boston College.
Boston Inspired Engagement Rings
The city devoutly stands behind its sports teams, which include the New England Patriots, the Boston Celtics, the Boston Bruins, and, of course, the Red Sox. (Mention your love of the New York Yankees at your own risk.) Athletes come from all corners of the world to watch and participate in the famous 26.2 mile race, the Boston Marathon. This marathon is the oldest annual foot race, and is thought by many to be the most famous.
If you keep an eye on the blog Boston Street Style, you probably already know that Bostonians take their fashion choices seriously. If you’re a fashionista who is planning a trip to Beantown, we highly suggest showing up between September 27th and October 5th to attend Boston Fashion Week. While there, you can catch fashion shows and go to a variety of exciting events while showing off your favorite outfits. If you adore Boston and you are looking for an engagement ring that pays homage to the essence of the city, consider any of the following styles!


Boston Engagement Rings

Historic Boston Style

Bostonians are proud of how deep their city’s roots run, as well as the historic sites that pepper the area. From the Tea Party to the Siege of Boston, you can stand where early Americans stood as they fought for our freedom. America’s largest Victorian brick row house district is located in the South End, making it the perfect place for history buffs to talk a walk. Nowadays these historic row houses are interspersed with super chic restaurants and fashionable boutiques, making it a highly desirable neighborhood for young families. If you love Victorian style, consider choosing a beautiful antique engagement ring. These rings (which date back to the mid-1800s!) have been an enduring symbol of love for decades. Victorian rings feature the same elegance, warmth, and sophistication as the famous Bostonian row houses.
Boston engagement

Boston Engagement Rings for Athletes

Bostonians will be the first to admit that the weather isn’t the most desirable during certain parts of the year. The deep snowfall prevents outside activity, limiting many to indoor gyms—but that doesn’t keep this city from staying active! Forbes listed Boston as the third healthiest city in America, with a large percentage of the population exercising regularly and choosing to walk or bike to work. If you are a Boston citizen who is highly active and afraid of damaging an engagement ring, take a look at our blog on the best engagement rings for active women. From bezel set rings to platinum settings, you’ll find the ring that fits with your busy lifestyle.
Boston Rings

The Boston Irish

Boston and New York City have historically been home to a large number of Irish immigrants. The road was not an easy one for many of these early Irish Americans, but they persevered and made Boston their home. With them they brought their culture, religion, art, and literature. They have been a major influence in Boston’s history. The Irish Heritage Trail—a guide to many influential Irish American landmarks throughout Massachusetts—has a prominent presence in Boston. If you are looking to represent Boston’s strong Irish roots, consider choosing an Irish engagement ring. From sparkling Claddagh rings to beautiful Celtic knots, these rings are highly symbolic of both a nation and enduring love.

Final Thoughts

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