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Media Mentions

Bridal Guide: 30+ Vintage-Style Engagement Rings

August 2014 - Bridal Guide features six of Brilliant Earth’s stunning antique engagement rings in their editors’ picks of vintage-style rings.

Glamour Magazine Blog: 5 Dainty Engagement Rings You Might “Accidentally” Email to Your Boyfriend

August 2014 - Glamour Magazine’s online wedding blog “Save the Date” features five engagement rings from Brilliant Earth’s new Pretty Little Things Collection. Dazzling yet subtle details makes these the perfect rings to “accidentally” email to your boyfriend.

Rapaport Magazine: The Big Picture

August 2014 - Rapaport Magazine reports on how some businesses in the jewelry industry are making ethics a top priority to create a more sustainable future. Eric Grossberg, co-founder of Brilliant Earth, comments on the steps that Brilliant Earth has taken to maintain social responsibility as the company’s foundation.

Business Insider: The 20 Most Inspiring Companies of 2014

August 2014 - Brilliant Earth is featured as one of Business Insider's 20 Most Inspiring Companies of 2014. Business Insider celebrates Brilliant Earth’s focus on social responsibility and dedication in going above and beyond to transform the jewelry industry.

Bridal Guide: Cover Style

July/August 2014 - Bridal Guide Magazine features Brilliant Earth’s Luxe Halo Enchant Drop earrings as part of the cover look for their July/August issue, pairing the elegant earrings with a vintage-inspired gown and gemstone headband.

Elle Magazine: 35 Stunning Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride

June 2014 - Elle Magazine shares 35 stunning alternative engagement rings for the non-traditional bride, highlighting two of Brilliant Earth’s disctinctive one-of-a-kind vintage rings for their eye-catching color and unique gemstones.

Glamour Magazine Blog: Kim Kardashian's Wedding Earrings Were an (Old!) Gift From Kanye West. Here's the Exact Pair—and 3 Pairs Inspired by Them

May 2014 - “Save the Date,” Glamour Magazine’s online wedding blog, features Brilliant Earth’s dazzling Diamond Halo Earrings in a piece on studs inspired by Kim Kardashian’s elegant, understated wedding earrings.

Fox Business Small Business Center: Entrepreneurs Say ‘I Do’ to Ethical Engagement Rings

May 2014 - In an article on the increasing demand for socially responsible alternatives for engagement rings, Fox Business’s Small Business Center features Brilliant Earth as an ethical business that drives social change while pushing for increased transparency in the jewelry industry.

J. The Jewish News Weekly: Local Entrepreneurs Offer ‘Ethical’ Diamonds

May 2014 - J. The Jewish News Weekly, a weekly newspaper for the Jewish communities of Northerm California, interviews co-founders and CEOs Eric Grossberg and Beth Gerstein for an insightful look into Brilliant Earth’s founding story and mission. The article highlights Brilliant Earth’s efforts to promote change in the jewelry industry by offering ethical alternatives while raising awareness about jewelry industry issues.

The New York Times: ‘With Grandma’s Ring, I Thee Wed’

April 2014 - The New York Times cites Brilliant Earth’s Co-CEO, Beth Gerstein, along with other experts in a piece on the growing trend of young couples choosing heirloom and vintage pieces as engagement rings. Gerstein comments that vintage engagement rings are a sustainable choice because they don’t require new materials or contribute to ongoing abuses in the jewelry industry.

Glamour Magazine Blog: These Retro-Inspired Engagement Rings Are My New Favorite Things

April 2014 - Glamour Magazine’s online wedding blog “Save the Date”shares their favorite pieces from Brilliant Earth’s new Windsor Collection, focusing on the freshness and originality of the Retro-inspired designs.

The Wall Street Journal Market Watch: How to Find Conflict-Free Diamonds

February 2014 - Noting the limitations of the Kimberly Process, The Wall Street Journal’s Market watch provides an in depth guide to finding truly conflict-free diamonds. The article highlights Brilliant Earth as a diamond retailer that guarantees diamonds are free of human rights abuses, in addition to being mined with fair labor and environmentally responsible practices.

Green America Green Business Interview: Brilliant Earth

February 2014 - Green America, a not-for-profit dedicated to using economic power to create a more socially just and sustainable society, interviews Brilliant Earth co-CEO Beth Gerstein on Brilliant Earth’s eco-friendly and ethical fine jewelry. Gerstein discusses the inspiration for Brilliant Earth, as well as the challenges of running a socially and environmentally responsible business.

MODwedding: 14 Amazingly Beautiful Engagement Rings from Brilliant Earth

January 2014 - Highlighting a mix of diamond engagement rings, vintage rings, and custom designs, MODwedding, a wedding resource for the modern bride, shares 14 of their favorite chic and sophisticated Brilliant Earth engagement rings.

Bustle: 12 Stylish, Ethical Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday List

December 2013 - Online news magazine Bustle lists Brilliant Earth’s 18K White Gold Eucalyptus Diamond Earrings as the perfect dazzling and socially responsible gift for a girl who loves diamonds.

The Week: How to Buy an Engagement Ring — A Man's Guide

November 2013 - In their comprehensive guy’s guide to engagement rings, The Week Magazine recommends Brilliant Earth to couples who are interested in a truly conflict free diamond for their engagement ring.

Examiner.com: Ethically Responsible Diamond Jewelry – Brilliant Earth “Wisteria” Collection

November 2013 - Los Angeles fashion writer Ferriss Mason reflects on the proposal process, and recommends selecting rings from Brilliant Earth for responsibly and ethically sourced diamonds. In particular, she calls attention to the “beautiful and timeless” pieces from the new Wisteria Collection.

Glamour Magazine Blog: 3 Sparkly New Engagement Rings + 1 Lovely Wedding Band, ALL Made With Conflict-Free Diamonds = Awesome

November 2013 - Glamour Magazine’s “Save the Date” wedding blog shared their favorite rings from the new Wisteria Collection.

Lucky Community: Ethically Sourced Jewelry Inspired by Nature

November 2013 - Lucky Magazine’s community style blog, Lucky Community, featured a post by fashion blogger Plein Vanity celebrating Brilliant Earth’s new Wisteria Collection. The post features chic outfit and style boards inspired by Plein Vanity’s favorite Wisteria Collection pieces.

The Ecologist: Ethical Diamonds: Why the Four “Cs” Need an “O”

October 2013 - Human rights attorney and frequent Brilliant Earth blog contributer Gregory Krauss is feautured as a guest writer for The Ecologist, the world’s leading environmental affairs magazine. Krauss argues that, in addition to the “four c’s” diamonds are traditionally evaluated by, consumers should also consider whether a diamond comes from traceable and ethical origins.

MINING.com: Infographic: The Truth about Conflict Diamonds

September 2013 - MINING.com, a web-based global mining publication focusing on news and commentary about mining and mineral exploration, shares Brilliant Earth’s eye-opening infographic on the truth about conflict diamonds.

The Yes Girls Blog: Friday “Rocks”! Featuring Brilliant Earth

September 2013 - The Yes Girls, a team of marriage proposal experts, featured Brilliant Earth in their weekly Friday Rocks blog post. This week’s post focused on Scarlett Johansson’s stunning antique Art Deco engagement ring, and highlighted three similar vintage Art Deco rings from Brilliant Earth.

A Garden Life: Jewelry That Really Makes a Statement

August 2013 - A Garden Life, a consumer lifestyle magazine app focused on exploring life as a garden and making a positive impact on the world, highlights Brilliant Earth in a piece on social responsibility in the jewelry industry.

Glamour Magazine Blog: 5 Engagement Rings Inspired by Bachelorette Desiree Hartkstock’s

August 2013 - Glamour Magazine’s “Save the Date” wedding blog featured two dazzling Brilliant Earth styles in a collection of engagement rings inspired by Bachelorette Desiree Hartsktock’s glamorous mixed-metal ring.

Stanford Graduate School of Business News: Beth Gerstein: Making a Profit with Ethically Sourced Diamonds

June 2013 - Stanford Graduate School of Business interviews Brilliant Earth co-founder Beth Gerstein about building a successful social enterprise from the bottom up.

Glamour Magazine Blog: 8 Ultra-Pretty Rose-Gold Engagement Rings That Will Make You Weak in the Knees

May 2013 - Glamour’s “Save the Date” blog features Brilliant Earth’s elegant Willow Diamond Ring as a romantic rose gold ring you can’t help falling for.

Real Simple: 71 Unique Engagement Rings

Real Simple: 71 Unique Engagement Rings

March 2013 - Real Simple’s creative and inspirational ideas run the gamut from cooking to beauty to weddings. In this piece, they highlight Brilliant Earth’s Lumiere Three Stone Ring as a unique engagement ring sure to receive oohs and ahhs.

Glamour Magazine Blog: 6 Ultra-Classic Engagement Rings

Glamour Magazine Blog: 6 Ultra-Classic Engagement Rings

February 2013 - Glamour’s wedding blog “Save-the-Date” ran a fun, fresh piece highlighting an important factor on the forefront of any bride-to-be’s mind: everlasting style! This piece showcased classic engagement rings that truly stand the test of time, including Brilliant Earth’s Petite Three Stone Trellis Ring.

Men’s Health: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Men’s Health: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

February 2013 - This popular men’s magazine selected Brilliant Earth’s Silver Amethyst Twist pendant as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the classic, sophisticated woman.

Shape Magazine: Silver Amethyst Twist Pendant Sweepstakes

Shape Magazine: Silver Amethyst Twist Pendant Sweepstakes

February 2013 - Shape Magazine’s editors fell in love with our Silver Amethyst Twist Pendant and featured it in a giveaway in the iconic fitness magazine’s February 2013 issue.

Glamour Magazine Blog: The 4 Hottest Trends in Engagement Rings Right Now!

Glamour Magazine Blog: The 4 Hottest Trends in Engagement Rings Right Now!

January 2013 - Glamour Magazine’s popular online bridal blog ‘Save the Date’ highlights the four hottest trends in engagement rings and what they think brides will be coveting in 2013! As a twist on sought after cushion cut diamond engagement rings, they recommend a cushion shaped halo setting with a round brilliant diamond center, like our Luxe Victorian Split Shank Halo Diamond Ring. They also highlight Brilliant Earth’s Vintage Diamond Baguette Engagement Ring as a dazzling alternative to a traditional engagement ring.

Ruffled Blog: British Columbia Beach Wedding

Ruffled Blog: British Columbia Beach Wedding

November 2012 - Known for their gorgeous wedding photo spreads, Ruffled Blog is a go-to source for fresh and sophisticated wedding inspiration. Brilliant Earth customers’ Steph and Scott’s romantic Canadian beach wedding is featured in a beautiful photo spread, along with their Brilliant Earth rings!

She Knows: Gift Guide

She Knows: Gift Guide

October 2012 - She Knows is a website dedicated to women, covering everything from beauty to parenting to shopping. In their popular gift guide, they feature Brilliant Earth’s new Silver Amethyst Twist Pendant as a perfect holiday gift.

Glamour Magazine Blog

Glamour Magazine Blog: Happy Birthday, September Babies!

September 2012 - Glamour Magazine’s addictive blog on wedding planning and dreaming features Brilliant Earth’s Platinum Sapphire Petite Three Stone Trellis Ring as a gorgeous option for people born in September (it features their birthstone!), or anyone that loves the brilliant blue of sapphires.

Glamour Magazine Blog

Worldette: Conflict Free Diamonds

September 2012 - As a travel and lifestyle website for women who love to travel and care about their world, Worldette recommends Brilliant Earth as an alternative to jewelry with conflict diamonds. They explain that while some diamonds may be labeled ‘conflict free,’ Brilliant Earth goes beyond that standard to offer diamonds that are wholly free from violence and human rights abuses.

Glamour Magazine Blog

FASHIONmeGREEN: Fine Ethical Jewelry with a Mission

August 2012 - FASHIONmeGREEN is a leading online resource for women seeking stylish apparel that is both eco conscious and luxurious. They recommend Brilliant Earth as a great option for gorgeous, ethical fine jewelry to celebrate any occasion, and commend the fact that we donate 5% of profits to communities that have been harmed by the jewelry trade.

Glamour Magazine Blog

Glamour Magazine Blog: 6 Lovely Ruby Engagement Rings to Drool Over!

July 2012 - Glamour Magazine’s Blog mentions Brilliant Earth again this month, this time highlighting our stunning antique rings with colored gemstones. They love our antique engagement rings and wedding rings that feature bright red rubies, perfect for July babies!


ecofabulous: Make Sure She’ll Say “Yes”

July 2012 - ecofabulous - the trusted guide on a well-lived, eco-friendly lifestyle – cites Brilliant Earth’s antique engagement ring collection as the perfect choice to “make sure she’ll say yes.” In addition to being recycled and eco-friendly, ecofabulous loves that Brilliant Earth’s antique jewelry collection represents a totally unique option for popping the question.


Glamour Magazine Blog: 7 Rings Inspired by Emily from the Bachelorette’s Engagement Ring

July 2012 - Glamour Magazine’s playful and popular blog dishes on the emerald halo engagement ring that Emily Maynard from The Bachelorette was recently proposed to with. Glamour selected Brilliant Earth’s Monarch Diamond Ring as a recommended style inspired by the bachelorette’s style.


coco+kelley: Just Brilliant

June 2012 - coco+kelley explores style trends that have their signature touch of classic design and glamour. They loved our unique antique ring selection, thought that our "mighty pretty" wedding bands could be perfect for everyday wear, and loved our loose gemstone collection, where their editor could find the cushion cut yellow sapphire she was coveting.


Eco-Chick: Vintage Engagement Rings from Brilliant Earth Bring Old School Charm to Your Nuptials

May 2012 - Eco-Chick - one of the most well-known sites covering green fashion and beauty for women – featured Brilliant Earth’s antique ring collection as an eco-friendly and ethical choice for their readers. In addition to being a green choice, Eco-Chick loved that our antique rings are all one-of-a-kind and, thus, a totally unique alternative to a traditional engagement ring.

U.S. Green Technology

U.S. Green Technology: Green High-End Bling

May 2012 - Brilliant Earth is named as the leader in conflict-free jewelry by U.S. Green Technology, a site that aims to make consumers aware of what they can do at home and through their purchases to combat environmental issues and preserve the planet for generations to come. They point out that Brilliant Earth’s use of recycled precious metals and fair trade gold is a green alternative to current destructive gold mining practices, which generate 20 tons of ore for every gold ring produced.

50 Simple Steps to Save the Rainforests

50 Simple Steps to Save the Rainforests: #5—Say No to “Dirty Gold”

April 2012 - In the recently published book 50 Simple Steps to Save the Rainforests, saying no to dirty gold is listed as one of the top five steps any consumer can take to help save the world’s rainforests. The book outlines the environmental devastation caused by gold mining, including the release of toxic chemicals such as mercury and cyanide, extensive clearing of native forests, and widespread wildlife deaths from sediment and mine waste. Human rights abuses associated with gold mining, such as slave labor, are also mentioned. In order to stop dirty gold mining, the book recommends purchasing recycled gold or vintage jewelry, and recommends Brilliant Earth as a top resource.

Bay Area A-List

Bay Area A-List: Best Wedding Rings

April 2012 - Brilliant Earth was proud to be voted Best Wedding Rings for the second year running on ABC 7’s The Bay Area A-List, a popular annual vote in which 13,900 businesses compete to be the best in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers and fans for voting!

American Express Open

American Express Open: The State of Women-Owned Businesses Report

March 2012 - The State of Women-Owned Businesses Report is commissioned annually by American Express OPEN. This year, American Express OPEN chose to feature Brilliant Earth, which was co-founded and is co-owned by Beth Gerstein, in a photo shoot and on the cover of their report.

Your Engagement 101

Your Engagement 101: New 2012 Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

March 2012 - Your Engagement 101, a popular magazine and blog for soon-to-be-engaged couples, featured Brilliant Earth’s collection as “proof that you can be ethical and still offer great designs.” The publication highlighted Brilliant Earth’s expanding selection of 14K Rose Gold rings, as well as our rapidly growing selection of antique and vintage jewelry.

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle: Couple's ringing endorsement of ethical jewelry

Feburary 2012 - The San Francisco Chronicle details both the environmental and human rights abuses that are associated with traditional gold mining. As an ethical alternative, they suggest Brilliant Earth’s recycled gold, fair trade gold, and vintage jewelry options. In order to avoid the “holes in the system” of the Kimberley Proces, the newspaper also recommends purchasing your diamond from a retailer, like Brilliant Earth, that goes beyond the industry standard to indepedently certify their gemstones’ conflict-free country of origin.

Men’s Health

Men’s Health: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Feburary 2012 - Brilliant Earth’s Create Your Own Diamond Earrings and Create Your Own Diamond Pendants make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, according to Men’s Health! The popular magazine loves that you can “match the size of the gem to the size of your budget” and that Brilliant Earth’s diamonds are all ethically sourced.


ecofabulous: Pearly Blues & Greens

February 2012 - ecofabulous, a guide to stylish and sustainable living, recommends Brilliant Earth for their “striking” and responsibly sourced gems and use of recycled precious metals. They are especially enamored with Brilliant Earth’s unique Sea of Cortez pearls, which are cultivated with particular attention to preservation and environmental responsibility, and – as ecofabulous points out! – perfect for Gemini babies!

USA Today

USA Today: How to buy diamonds and other fine jewelry with confidence

January 2012 - USA Today lists three main considerations for consumers to keep in mind when purchasing fine jewelry: price, quality, and ethics. They recommend that shoppers always know the country of origin for their diamond, since diamonds can fund civil wars and suppport dictators. Brilliant Earth is featured as a specialist in ethical stones.

ABC 7 Chicago

ABC 7 Chicago: Pop the question with a recycled ring or conflict-free diamond

January 2012 - ABC 7 draws attention to the troubling trend of mainstream diamond retailers narrowly defining the term “conflict free” in order to falsely claim that their diamonds are free from violence and human rights abuses. For example, despite obvious human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, the diamond industry allows Zimbabwean diamonds to be labeled conflict free. The news outlet recommends buying from Brilliant Earth, with their Beyond Conflict Free guarantee, so that you can tell her it’s “forever blood-free.


Cereplast: Holiday Gift Guide: Conflict-Free & Eco Friendly Jewelry

December 2011 - Brilliant Earth’s eco-friendly jewelry is featured in Cereplast’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide, which highlights Brilliant Earth’s use of recycled precious metals, conflict free diamonds, and ethical origin sapphires. The environmentally friendly lifestyle blog also suggests Brilliant Earth’s full custom design capabilities for brides that are feeling creative!

Mother Nature Network

Mother Nature Network: Thinking of giving jewelry this holiday season?

November 2011 - Mother Nature Network provides news and information on environmental and social responsibility issues. In their guide to “stylish, sustainable sparkle,” MMN explains that eco-friendly jewelry is no longer limited to hemp bracelets—companies like Brilliant Earth are using recycled precious metals and sustainable production processes to create beautiful, eco-friendly jewelry. MMN recommends our 18K White Gold Teardrop Earrings (1/2 ct.tw.) for a classic look.

VKH Events

VKH Events: VKH Adores

October 2011 - Founded on the passion of a bride who was unable to find a conflict free engagement ring that represented her values, Brilliant Earth has always been committed to providing luxurious jewelry that you can be proud to wear. On this beautiful bridal blog, VKH commends Brilliant Earth’s mission and ability to positively effect social change.

Fast Company

Fast Company: The Toxic Gold Mining Industry Goes Fairtrade

September 2011 - Last year the practice of gold mining got a bit cleaner with the introduction of Fairtrade gold certification. As Fast Company describes, Brilliant Earth was one of the first to offer jewelry made with Fair Trade Gold to U.S. customers. Choosing gold from Fairtrade certified retailers helps communities affected by mining to create a thriving jewelery trade for the future.

Alternative Consumer

The Alternative Consumer: Custom Designed Eco Friendly Wedding Rings

September 2011 - Looking beyond Brilliant Earth’s wide variety of conflict free diamonds, The Alternative Consumer highlights the socially responsible jeweler’s full custom design capabilities. The blog for conscious consumers recommends creating a truly unique and one of a kind ring when getting hitched, engaged, or celebrating!

Ring Spotters

Ring Spotters: Bluer than Blue

September 2011 - Ring Spotters, an entertaining engagement ring blog for the modern woman, featured Brilliant Earth’s gorgeous Sapphire Cascade Engagement Ring with Diamond Accents as the perfect way to incorporate a blue hue into your wedding day!

Brides Northern California

Brides Northern California: Editor’s Choice Award Winner

August 2011 - After an extensive selection process, Brides Northern California featured Brilliant Earth as an Editor’s Choice Award winner! Brilliant Earth was highlighted as a forward-thinking, trend-making wedding vendor that inspires and delights with each gorgeous engagement ring.


Enough: Sparkling Support For Conflict Minerals Legislation

August 2011 - Despite opposition from Washington industry lobbyists, the jewelry company Brilliant Earth stood in strong support of the Dodd-Frank bill, legislation meant to curb illegal gold mining in the Congo. As described by Enough, bringing about change in eastern Congo’s mining industry will take collaborative dedication and long-term strategizing from socially responsible organizations such as Brilliant Earth.

Triple Pundit

Triple Pundit: Fair Trade Gold Glitters More Brightly

July 2011 - The newest Fair Trade standard, gold and associated precious metals, made its debut a little more than a year ago. As described by Triple Pundit, Brilliant Earth was one of the first to offer jewelry made with Fair Trade Gold to U.S. customers. This gorgeous gold helps create sustainable environmental practices and promote the well-being of the community.


Rapaport: 'Uplifting Earth' Reviews Ethical Standards of 10 Jewelry Brands

July 2011 - Using social and environmental issues as creative inspiration, Brilliant Earth moves beyond “green washing” to integrate socially responsible practices into company values. Highlighted in a report titled ‘Uplifting Earth’, Rapaport emphasizes that negative social and environmental standards can be curbed by innovative retailers like Brilliant Earth.

Recycled Bride

Recycled Bride: Ethical Rings from Brilliant Earth!

June 2011 - During wedding season, brides and grooms look for wedding rings that are gorgeous, socially responsible, and easy to order online. According to Recycled Bride, a popular website for brides to swap wedding gear, Brilliant Earth wedding bands are all of that and more.

Your Engagement 101

Your Engagement 101: 2011 Bridal Jewelry Award Winners!

June 2011 - In a contest hosted by Your Engagement 101, Brilliant Earth’s vintage inspired Delicate Antique Scroll Diamond Ring was voted the most beautiful eco-friendly engagement ring from a large pool of nominees! Voters selected this classic customer favorite, despite a wide a variety of stunning options.


TODAY Show: Surprise Proposal with Ethical Sapphire Ring from Brilliant Earth!

May 2011 - In a surprise proposal on the TODAY Show, a devoted Brilliant Earth customer popped the question with a stunning sapphire and diamond ring. The TODAY Show describes the stand-out ring as spectacular and a verified ethical origin version of Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring- although the soon-to be-groom chose the ring well before the royal wedding. Timeless designs never go out of style!


CityVoter: Insights From Brilliant Earth: A 2011 BayList Contest Winner

May 2011 - After receiving the most votes of any retailer in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Baylist contest, CityVoter highlights the strong commitment demonstrated by Brilliant Earth’s customers and Facebook fans. Brilliant Earth prides itself on a tailored shopping experience for jewelry-buyers with like-minded ethical standards.


USA Today: Eco-Luxe Products: Low Impact, High Price

April 2011 - USA Today describes Brilliant Earth as a high quality, and environmentally friendly retailer in an article featuring eco-luxe products. Each exquisite piece of fine jewelry is crafted to order from environmentally conscious materials with socially responsible values!


The Greenists: Brilliant Earth Jewelry

April 2011 - The Greenists, a popular blog on “going green”, features Brilliant Earth as a retailer exceptionally committed to green values and socially responsible practices.


Turning the Tables: Transforming conflicts related to resource extraction

April 2011 - Brilliant Earth conversed with NGOs, students, and community representatives in this online tactical dialogue featuring conflict minerals issues. Often consumers are unaware of the gross mistreatment of local communities and artisanal miners by mining companies. At Brilliant Earth, our mission is to educate consumers about irresponsible mining practices and provide a product that is both stunning and ofverified ethical origin.

SF Baylist: Best Wedding Rings

March 2011 - Brilliant Earth was voted the #1 Wedding Ring Vendor by wonderful customers on CityVoter’s SF Baylist, an extremely popular ranking site where 13,855 businesses compete to be the best in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to being voted as #1 for Wedding Rings, Brilliant Earth received more votes than any other Bay Area vendor in any category. By achieving the most votes in a category out of a competition-wide total of 90,000 votes, Brilliant Earth was awarded a fabulous $500 prize to donate to the Diamond Development Initiative, a charity to help those affected by the negative impact of mining.

Eco Beautiful Weddings: The Green Groom’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Ring Shopping and Proposing

March 2011 - Eco Beautiful Weddings, a beautifully crafted eco-chic magazine, recommended Brilliant Earth in their spring Green Groom’s Guide. The Groom’s Guide expert, Chris Easter and executive at the ManRegistry.com, sat down with Brilliant Earth to discuss environmentally friendly practices in the jewelry industry and green proposal ideas. Romancing your soon-to- be can be eco-friendly!


Onewed : Best 2010 Wedding Vendors

February 2011 - After working tirelessly in 2010 to bring brides and grooms fabulously flawless wedding vendors, OneWed honored Brilliant Earth with the “Best of 2010 Wedding Vendor” award. Brilliant Earth is the most highly trusted ethical origin and conflict free engagement ring vendor in the San Francisco Bay area!


Mashable: 6 Ways to Design Your Own Jewelry Online

February 2011 - Mashable, a leading information source on digital and social media, posted a guide to designing custom jewelry online. Five percent of profits from Brilliant Earth are donated to mining communities affected by violence, and customers can design personalized, glamorous jewelry online with a vast array of ethical origin gemstones and settings.

the bridal collection

The Bridal Collection: Brilliant Earth Jewelry

February 2011 - The Bridal Collection, an inspirational blog for the contemporary bride, recommends Brilliant Earth as a trend-setting, ecofriendly retailer. Brilliant Earth uses both conflict free diamonds and recycled precious metals, an environmentally friendly and socially responsible combination!

gorgeously green

Gorgeously Green: Gorgeously Green Engagement Rings

January 2011 - Gorgeously Green, the go-to place for tips on eco-fabulous living, recently recommended Brilliant Earth True Blue sapphires for those looking to green their engagement. Each sapphire ring is crafted to order from 100% recycled precious metal and comes with a certificate of origin, guaranteeing the fair trade and conflict free origins of every stunning sapphire.


NJJN: The Price of Stolen Diamond: A Mother’s GuiltHalogen: 4 Ways to Buy Fair Trade Products

January 2011 - Halogen, an empowering and entertaining television news outlet for the ethically minded, highlights Brilliant Earth as a responsible retailer. While diamonds can be tainted by violence, child labor, and human rights abuses, Brilliant Earth offers verified ethical origin diamond and jewelry crafted from recycled precious metals.


January 2011 - NJJN, the primary news outlet for the Jewish community in New Jersey, interviews Beth Gerstein, the founder of Brilliant Earth, to learn about the company’s commitment to ethically sourced jewelry. Brilliant Earth jewelry truly adheres to strict environmental and labor standards that go far beyond the Kimberley Process regulations.

elegance and simplicity

Elegance and Simplicity: Spring 2011- An Exotic Journey

January 2011 - Elegance and Simplicity, a chic, green wedding blog for the conscious bride, recommends adding pizazz to your wedding look by incorporating Brilliant Earth ethically sourced sapphires. Brilliant Earth’s stunning sapphire earrings and pendants are the perfect wedding day accessory. “Something blue” has never felt so good!

NBC Los Angeles: Engagement Rings - Not Just Diamonds Anymore

December 2010 - Brilliant Earth was featured on NBC Los Angeles as the premier source for eco-friendly engagement rings. Brilliant Earth’s vintage-inspired, ethically sourced sapphire rings are a unique and affordable alternative to a classic diamond engagement ring!

Macleans: Ready to Wrap

December 2010 - When thinking about appropriate gifts for glamorous celebrities and important political figures during the holiday season, Brilliant Earth bling should be considered as an environmentally friendly alternative to typical luxury products. During the holiday season, Brilliant Earth gems from Namibia and Canada bring the glam while still being conflict free!

Offbeat Bride: Gorgeous and Guilt-Free Antique Engagement Rings from Brilliant Earth

November 2010 - Offbeat bride is the ultimate site for alternative brides looking for unique wedding planning ideas! Brilliant Earth’s vintage and estate rings are the perfect match for brides looking to show their individuality- these rings are both environmentally friendly and one of a kind pieces that are perfect for the offbeat bride!

Snippet and Ink: Brilliant Earth’s Ethical Practices, Mission, and Beautiful Designs

November 2010 - Snippet and Ink, a leading wedding blog for wedding planning and bridal inspiration, praises Brilliant Earth for its conflict free practices, while displaying favorite ethical origin engagement rings and holiday gifts. Even if a bride to be can’t find the perfect ring in the presented selection, Brilliant Earth can create a custom eco-friendly ring to fit any bride’s style!

Get Married: Banded Together

November 2010 - Get Married, a trend spotting bridal magazine, features Brilliant Earth’s Recycled White Gold Flora Ring in the winter 2010 issue as a fabulous traffic stopping ring that is the perfect, conflict free complement to any engagement ring.

Trend Luxury: 2010 Luxe Fashion, Xmas Gift Guide

November 2010 - Trend Luxury’s Christmas Gift Guide highlights Brilliant Earth’s conflict free, glamorous Round Bezel Halo Ring as the perfect luxury gift for the holiday season. Luxury and eco-friendly can go hand in hand!

Conscious Discussions: Greening the Jewelry Industry

October 2010 - Beth Gerstein, the CEO and co-cofounder of Brilliant Earth, discusses the importance of reforming the diamond industry and helping consumers voice their calls for more ethical and responsible mining and gem practices.

Celeb Life: Peace is the Most Beautiful Gift

October 2010 - More style mavens and celebrities are choosing conflict free and socially responsible jewelry. Celeb Life reminds readers that peace is the most beautiful gift, so choosing ethical origin jewelry is the right choice!

TODAY Show: Vote for the Couple’s Wedding Rings!

August 2010 - Brilliant Earth was featured on the “Today” show Modern Wedding Series as the foremost environmentally friendly wedding ring option. This is the first time in NBC's 11 year tradition that verified ethical origin rings are being considered for the “Today” show wedding series. The two Brilliant Earth rings chosen were our stunning Flora Ring and the handsome 5mm Milgrain Wedding Ring.

Ecouterre: Help Put Brilliant Earth’s Eco-Rings on TODAY Show’s On-Air Wedding

August 2010 - Brilliant Earth’s feature on the “Today” show Modern Wedding Series is an incredible honor and a great milestone for the advancement of eco-conscious fashion. The nationwide vote provided an incredible chance for consumers to prove to the jewelry industry their support for ethical mining practices and recycled precious metals.

Bride’s Guide: Jewelry that Cares

August 2010 - San Francisco based diamond retailer Brilliant Earth goes beyond “conflict free” and offers consumers truly ethical origin diamond jewelry.

Flare: Eco Chic Engagement Rings

July 2010 - Canada's high fashion authority, Flare Magazine, recognizes Brilliant Earth for its high ethical standards and fabulous designs. This season’s eco-chic stunners are sure to please any eco-conscious bride.

Shape Magazine: Style Bridal Buzz

Spring 2010 - Leading bridal magazine Shape Bride features Brilliant Earth’s eco-friendly Flora ring, made from recycled platinum and verified ethical origin Canadian diamonds.

The Zimbabwe Situation: Anger grows over Kimberley Process failure

June 2010 - Thousands of people from across the world have voiced their frustration with the failure of the international diamond trade monitor, the Kimberley Process, to take action to stop the diamond crisis in Zimbabwe. In reaction thousands of people have signed an online petition calling for a complete reform of the Kimberly Process. The petition, started by ethical jeweler Brilliant Earth, calls on the Kimberley Process to broaden its mandate to sufficiently address human rights abuses in the diamond trade.

New Zimbabwe: Kimberley Process Investigation – Leading Diamond Rights Groups

June 2010 - Leading ethical origin jeweler Brilliant Earth makes their voice heard alongside leading diamond rights organizations and NGO’s in the fight to end blood diamonds. Brilliant Earth founder, Beth Gerstein, states that the credibility of the Kimberley Process is now being questioned based on its “failure to change the situation in Zimbabwe”.

Technorati.com: Eco-friendly Jewelry

May 2010 - Whether looking for a classic engagement ring setting or a one-of-a-kind personalized creation, or browsing online or in the San Francisco showroom, Brilliant Earth is a rare gem in the jewelry industry because this company makes exquisite pieces all of which are made by environmentally and socially responsible methods.

Mother Nature Network: Earth Day Deals – Green on the Inside

April 2010 - During Earth Week, Brilliant Earth will include a limited edition Green on the Inside charm necklace with your ring order as a special gift to represent your commitment to making green and ethical decisions this Earth Day. Crafted from recycled sterling silver and ethical origin green sapphires, these stunning necklaces are a beautiful reminder of what we all value most, a vibrant future on a greener earth.

Diamonds.net: Interview with Brilliant Earth Co-founder Beth Gerstein

March 2010 - Co-founder of Brilliant Earth Beth Gerstein explains how consumers are sadly being misled by the Kimberley Process definition of “conflict-free diamonds”. Unfortunately, Zimbabwean diamonds mined with complete disregard for basic human rights are currently being sold in jewelry stores with “conflict free” certification. Brilliant Earth continues to carry our exclusive line of diamonds whose origins are fully traceable and which are produced according to the highest environmental and labor standards. 

Diamonds.net: Brilliant Earth Earns “A” in Gold ExaminationTriple Pundit.com Interviews Brilliant Earth

February 2010 - Triple Pundit, an innovative new-media company, interviews Brilliant Earth about its history, social mission and how they are working to create a new and ethical way of doing business in the jewelry industry.

February 2010 - The results are in and Brilliant Earth has aced the test. A new report by the No Dirty Gold Campaign, a campaign against dirty gold mining by Earthworks International, gives us an “A” for our measures to source gold in an ethical, eco-friendly way. Brilliant Earth’s jewelry is crafted using recycled precious metals. In addition, we are now beginning to offer jewelry made of certified fair trade gold from the Chocó region of Colombia.

The Huffington Post: Top Ten Valentine's Day Gifts That Give Back - Conflict Free Diamonds

February 2010 - If you're going to make the commitment to marry your sweetheart, you definitely want to make sure that your diamond investment isn't going to haunt you. Brilliant Earth allows you to design your own diamond jewelry and ensures that you only purchase conflict-free diamonds, which means the diamonds were mined legally and no person or resource was exploited during the process. Plus, Brilliant Earth donates 5 percent of their profits to help sustain African communities.

Grist.org: Ask Umbra: Engagement Rings

February 2010 - A couple of things to look for in an engagement ring: recycled metals and responsible diamond sourcing. You need to get the real down-low on where your diamond is sourced -- take a look at Brilliant Earth's Beyond Conflict Free Diamond Buying Guide, which includes a handy list of questions to ask a jeweler.

Times Colonist: How to tie an eco-friendly knot

February 2010 - More wedding-ring buyers are considering conflict-free diamonds, recycled metals and second-hand jewelry. Canadian couple, Brian Eberdt and Sarah Facini explain how their choice to select an "ethical engagement ring" from Brilliant Earth represents a new environmental trend in wedding jewelry.

The View from the Bay: Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 2010 - Environmental-ista, Zem Joaquin, loves Brilliant Earth’s fair trade gold Chocó pendant! This exclusive pendant is produced in limited quantities due to limited availability of fair trade gold. In addition to paying a fair wage, the fair trade gold cooperatives ensure the use of sustainable environmental practices, restore ecosystems damaged by other mining companies, and promote the well-being of the local community.

Martha Stewart Weddings : Decent Diamonds!The Huffington Post: Conflict Free Diamonds - A Girl's Best Friend

January 2010 - Brilliant Earth is a jewelry retailer that is committed to using conflict-free gems and ecologically sound materials. At Brilliant Earth, you'll find Canadian, Namibian, and lab-made diamonds that can be set in recycled gold bases. They offer classic, elegant styles like the Halo Ring. Even better, they donate 5% of all of their profits to African communities that have been impacted by the jewelry trade.

January 2010 - Brilliant Earth has its own conflict-free guarantee that promises their diamonds originate from ethical and environmentally responsible sources, meaning free from violence and human rights abuses, and are produced with minimal environmental impact.

Offbeat Bride: Ethically sourced custom-made sapphire rings from Brilliant Earth

February 2010 - The wildly successful bridal blog OffbeatBride.com highlights Brilliant Earth’s ethical origin sapphire and custom designed engagement rings as favorite alternatives to traditional diamond rings.

The Knot: Green Weddings - Sustainable Wedding Jewelry

  December 2009 - The Knot’s Green Wedding blog is a go-to source for finding the best green wedding tips and ideas to plan an earth-friendly wedding without sacrificing style. Of course, a green wedding isn’t complete without ethical origin rings made from conflict free diamonds and recycled precious metals from Brilliant Earth!

The Green Bride Guide: 'Tis the Season to Get Engaged...the Eco-Friendly Way

December 2009 - Given over 25% of engagements happen during the holiday season, ensuring a memorable proposal is top of mind this month. Brilliant Earth is proud to have helped thousands of couples choose ethical origin rings to celebrate their engagements.

The Take Away: Finding, Defining a 'Conflict-Free' Diamond

November 2009 - One quarter of all marriage proposals happen in the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's, and most of those involve a diamond ring. When looking for the perfect ring this year, be sure to educate yourself on the true definition of “conflict free” and look for a ring with truly ethical origins. Brilliant Earth is proud to be the global leader in verified origin diamonds and recycled precious metals.

The San Francisco Examiner: Cyber Monday: give green for the holidays

November 2009 - While perusing Cyber Monday deals and cyber sales, don't forget to shop consciously! Brilliant Earth believes that luxury goods need not come at great human or environmental cost. From green wedding planning to custom designs and conflict free diamonds, Brilliant Earth is equipped to meet all your ethical fine jewelry needs.

LadyLUX.com: Eco Treasures – Fair Trade Gold

November 2009 - Give the gift of eco-treasure this holiday! Brilliant Earth’s beautiful two-sided 18K Yellow Gold Chocó Fair Trade Pendant is made from the world’s first fair trade gold from Colombia. One side of the pendant is inspired by the Chocó region, where the gold is harvested, and the other is a gorgeous hand-hammered finish.

HBO: Entourage - Brilliant Earth featured on season 6 finale

October 2009 - On the season 6 finale of HBO’s Entourage, “E” proposes to Sloan with a Brilliant Earth Recycled Platinum Four Prong Classic Ring set with a conflict free 2.0 carat round brilliant center diamond! He presents the ring in one of our signature handcrafted, sustainably harvested Rimu wood ring boxes. We applaud HBO’s efforts to raise awareness of social issues and feature ways for their audience to effect positive change.

Grist.com: Entourage season finale delivers surprises wrapped in green messaging

October 2009 - HBO’s Entourage producers deliver green messaging in the season 6 finale. Eric “E” Murphy (Kevin Connolly) unexpectedly proposes to his ex-girlfriend, Sloan, at a pivotal moment, pulling a signature Brilliant Earth ring box out of his pocket. Congratulations to the producers of Entourage for supporting ethical origin jewelry!

Forbes.com: Choosing a Diamond Isn't So Rough

July 2009 - If your diamond's history is important to you, be sure to ask your jeweler for proof of the gem's source. You can find an amazing selection of engagement rings and ethical origin diamonds from Brilliant Earth, based in San Francisco, California.

The San Francisco Examiner: How to Plan a Green WeddingHere Comes the Guide: Featured Northern California Fine Jeweler Brilliant Earth

June 2009 - Eco-friendly wedding jewelry never looked as glamorous as it does at Brilliant Earth, a San Francisco jewelry boutique and online store. Their motto is “Luxury with a Conscience,” and Brilliant Earth delivers a stunning collection of fine jewelry, rings and gifts that are ethically produced. What’s more, brides rave about their enthusiastic and knowledgeable customer service.

June 2009 - Green Wedding Tip #1: Green Engagement Rings! Choose a Brilliant Earth certified conflict free diamond that was mined in the peaceful regions of Canada or Namibia.

Modern Jeweler: Continuing Education

May 2008 - Brilliant Earth Co-Founder Eric Grossberg believes in empowering conscious consumers by continuing to educating them on ethical origin diamonds.

San Francisco Magazine: Ring in Earth Day

April 2009 - If Earth Day is the day you plan to pop the question, consider heading to Brilliant Earth to make the whole package a green affair. The local jewelry company makes environmentally and ethically responsible engagement and wedding rings. For the entire month of April, Brilliant Earth will set a semi-precious green gem on the inside of your rings to symbolize a commitment to green values and to each other.

TLC Slice of Life: 10 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Wedding

April 2009 - Ethical rings are a must have for any eco-friendly bride and groom. Look for beautiful conflict free diamond rings made of recycled gold or platinum at BrilliantEarth.com.

Mother Nature Network: Your Gorgeous, Green Wedding

April 2009 - In addition to offering conflict free diamonds, the San Francisco-based company, Brilliant Earth, also has great diamond alternatives like ethical origin sapphires and emeralds.

Bloomberg Television: Venture

April 2009 - Bloomberg Television 30-minute program "Venture" features Brilliant Earth Co-Founder Eric Grossberg, where he discusses the diamond industry, how they trace conflict free diamonds, and how the social mission drives the business.

Jewelry and Gems Shine Eco-Brighter with Brilliant Earth

March 2009 - As you're getting ready to pop the question and thinking forward to your green wedding, don't overlook the importance of a green engagement ring. Find gorgeous eco-friendly ring made from conflict free diamonds, ethical origin sapphires and eco-friendly gold and platinum.

Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration

March 2009 - Mireya Navarro, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and writer for the New York Times, explains how to put your green values to action. Start with ethical origin engagement and wedding rings from Brilliant Earth!

Style, Naturally Eco-Friendly Wedding Inspiration

February 2009 - Brilliant Earth offers classic wedding rings styles for the eco-conscious. Made from conflict free diamonds and recycled gold and platinum, ethical wedding rings are always in fashion.

February 2009 - Style meets substance in this highly informative and beautifully designed book on sustainable fashion and beauty. Summer Rayne Oakes, fashion model and eco advocate, sites Brilliant Earth as the leader in conflict free, environmentally friendly diamond jewelry.

Get Active! Valentine's Day Tips

February 2009 - If you’ll be getting down on one knee and giving a rock this year, steer clear of sketchy diamonds and dirty gold. Brilliant Earth has a large selection of lovely conflict free diamonds.

Love is in the Air: Green Gifts for Valentine's Day

February 2009 - Love is in the air! Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a thoughtful gift from Brilliant Earth. The Silver Heart Pendant, made of recycled silver, is set with a conflict free diamond and made in the US. You can also warm her heart with an ethical pink sapphire version.

Green Living: Guilt-Free GiltNatural Solutions: Conscious Giving

December 2008 - Dazzle that special someone with Brilliant Earth's eco-conscious 18K White Gold Sea of Cortez Pearl Pendant! Handcrafted with a gorgeous sustainably cultured pearl and environmentally friendly recycled gold, beautifully accented with a Canadian conflict free diamond for that seasonal sparkle!

December 2008 - We all know diamonds are a girl's best friend - especially during the holidays. Now you can dazzle her without the guilt with beautiful jewelry made of certified conflict free Canadian diamonds and eco-friendly recycled precious metals.

944 Magazine: 2008 Holiday Gift Guide - Smart LuxuryThe Huffington Post: "Recycle" Your Old Engagement Ring for Cash

December 2008 - If buying a used ring isn't your thing, Brilliant Earth offers a wide selection of conflict free diamond engagement rings.

December 2008 - The theme of this holiday season is to give thoughtfully. Check out the Brilliant Earth 18K Yellow Gold Choco Fair Trade Pendant, made of the world's first independently certified fair trade gold from Oro Verde, Colombia!

BlogHer.com: What She Really Wants - Green Holiday Gifts

December 2008 - Of course, what she really, really wants is some bling...so thrill her with eco-luxury and conflict free jewels from Brilliant Earth. From socially responsible gold to fair trade jewels, our beautiful rings, pendants and gemstones originate from ethical and environmentally responsible sources.

Orlando Style: Winter Wonderland Gift Guide

December 2008 - Satisfy her winter wonderland wishes this year with this eco-friendly Platinum Snowflake Diamond Pendant from Brilliant Earth. Brrrr - Baby it's cold outside!

Brides.com: All That Glitters - Shaded Stones

December 2008 - Brilliant Earth offers a variety of colored gems, sourced in accordance with fair trade and environmentally responsible principles. To learn more about ethically sourced colored gems, visit our sapphire education or view our collection of sapphire rings.

Ecofabulous.com: Holiday Gift Guide 2008 - For the Babe that Craves Bling

November 2008 - She will love to see this Brilliant Earth Fair Trade Choco Pendant under the tree. Feminine without being fussy, the18K yellow gold two-sided pendant is made from one of the first truly fair trade sources of gold from Oro Verde, responsibly harvested from cooperatives in the Choco region in Colombia, South America!

Pilates Style: Gift Guide - Give Green

December 2008 - Brilliant Earth's 18K Yellow Gold Choco fair trade stunner is ornamented with a pre-Colombian petroglyph pattern; flip it over to reveal a cool rough-hewn hammered finish. She'll love to see this under the tree!

Life & Style Magazine: Trista & Ryan Sutter Choose Brilliant Earth

November 2008 - Former Bachelorette Trista Sutter and hubby Ryan are thrilled to announce that they're expecting again!! Their chosen symbol of love and commitment? The Brilliant Earth Eternity Diamond and Pink Sapphire Ring!

7x7 San Francisco Magazine: Power of Two - Circle of Life

November 2008 - Help spread your love to the planet with a custom ring made of conflict free diamonds and recycled gold and platinum by Brilliant Earth.

CNN.com: Sara Snow - Eco Friendly Jewelry

October 2008 - Brilliant Earth is San Francisco's favorite jeweler for wedding rings, check out what our fans have to say about us!

The Environmental Magazine: Fine Jewelry RedefinedCNN.com: Sara Snow - Wedding Tips that Save the Planet

October 2008 - Green expert Sara Snow tells us how Brilliant Earth's conflict free diamonds and fair trade gold will make eco-friendly wedding gorgeously green.

October 2008 - Your wedding ring can represent your commitment to the planet as well as to your better half. Brilliant Earth produces fine jewelry made from Canadian diamonds, ethically sourced sapphires and recycled gold and platinum.

Plenty Magazine: Guide to planning a gorgeous green weddingNational Geographic: Green Guide

September 2008 - Brilliant Earth's conflict free diamonds come from low-impact Canadian mines that comply with land-rights regulations set by the government, independent environmental agencies and indigenous groups.

September 2008 - In addition to selling conflict free diamonds and eco-friendly precious metal, Brilliant Earth also offers great diamond alternatives such as sapphires and emeralds of ethical origin.

Brides Northern California: Sustainable Beauty

September 2008 - Brilliant Earth helps fulfill your dream of wearing a stylish, handcrafted wedding band that is also socially and environmentally responsible.

Brides Northern California: Bauble On

September 2008 - Glam up your wedding gown with Brilliant Earth ethical jewelry that reflects the natural beauty of Fall.

Daily Candy: Dollaback Girl - Earth Angel

August 2008 - Show the earth a little love with Brilliant Earth's signature pieces, the Digger Pendant and the Choco Pendant.

The View from the Bay: Cavallo Point - A picturesque location for your wedding!

July 2008 - Brilliant Earth's ethically sourced jewelry channels Cavallo Point's green and elegant appeal.

Natural Health: Make Your Wedding Gorgeous & Green

June 2008 - Look for Canadian diamonds. Like many responsible jewelers, Brilliant Earth sources from Canada, a country with strict mining standards.

NPR/KQED - Forum with Michael Krasne: Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs

May 5, 2008 - What sets the new generation of social entrepreneurs apart? Guests include Eric Grossberg, co-founder of Brilliant Earth, an ethical jeweler offering conflict free diamonds.

San Francisco Chronicle: Olympic Notebook

April 16, 2008 - Ring of conscience: Olympic swimming medalist Tara Kirk is proud to show off her Brilliant Earth ring. "You don't want to look at your ring and see an oppressive regime."

The Today Show: Go Green this Valentine's Day

Feb 11, 2008 - The ultimate Valentine's Day gift: conflict free diamonds and recycled gold. Segment features the Brilliant Earth Digger's Pendant and 18k Yellow Gold Channel Set Hoops.

CNN: Finding a Great Diamond

Feb 2008 - Check out Brilliant Earth's Halo Setting and Conflict Free Diamonds featured on CNN as the editor-in-chief of the Knot shares how not to go broke when shopping for engagement rings.

Martha Stewart, Body and Soul: Beautiful Eco Jewelry

March 2008 - The March issue of Martha Stewart's Body and Soul features a beautiful photo spread of eco-friendly jewelry, highlighting Brilliant Earth's Digger's Pendant and Full Sapphire Bezel ring.

The Tyra Banks Show: This Season's Hot Trends

Feb 2008 - Brilliant Earth featured on The Tyra Banks Show! The Knot's Editor in Chief guest starred on Tyra this Valentine's Day to share this season's hottest trends, featuring two of Brilliant Earth's engagement rings. Read about it in this article from The Knot.

Town and Country Weddings: Trends and Traditions

Spring/Summer 2008 - A Bright Idea: After choosing a stone from a Canadian mine, Gerstein was inspired to co-found Brilliant Earth, a company that creates jewelry using ethically mined gemstones.

Ladies Home Journal: Last Minute Green Gifts

Feb 2008 - Whether you want to propose or just get something extra special (and shiny) for that someone, Brilliant Earth carries a vast selection of conflict free diamond jewelry.

Whole Life Times: Valentine's Gift Guide

Feb 2008 - Bestowing your beloved with conflict diamonds and dirty gold is hardly the best way to say "I love you." Instead, why not opt for one of the mindful bedazzlers listed here.

The Columbian: A Love That's Sustainable

Feb 6th, 2008 - "People were shocked that for such a beautiful gemstone the history behind it could be so tragic," said Beth Gerstein, co-founder of Brilliant Earth, a San Francisco-based company specializing in conflict free diamonds. "More and more people are starting to ask questions about where products are coming from and demand a more socially and environmentally friendly product."

TheKnot.com: 6 Engagement Ring Trends

Jan 2008 - Eco-Friendly Rings: These dazzling designers prove that it's hip to have more than just a green thumb.

Ecopreneurist: How to Start a Green Business Without Raising Money

Jan 24, 2008 - Brilliant Earth's story should be encouraging to entrepreneurs, since they are making it. Gerstein says, "Our philosophy was to start to build supplier relationships and then to get customers, growing organically."

Audrey: Annual Gift Guide

Dec/ 07Jan 2008 - Give a gift that gives back, and start off the new year right.

Plenty Magazine

Dec/Jan 2008 - Plenty's 3rd Annual Green Gift Guide. With Brilliant Earth's commitment to fair labor practices, and strict environmental mining standards, you can be sure your gift will keep on giving.

Glamour Magazine

Nov 2007 - Featuring Brilliant Earth's eternity engagement setting and wedding band.

Calgary Herald: Going Green Step by Step

Dec 29, 2007 - Brilliant Earth - Eco-friendly jewelry made with Canadian diamonds as well as fair trade sapphires from Australia and Malawi.

iVillage Weekly Top 10: Conflict Free Diamonds - Gorgeous Gems with Heart

Dec 24, 2007 - Conflict free diamonds are held to more discriminating standards than traditional diamonds by strictly adhering to ethical and environmentally responsible practices.

Alternative Medicine: Eco-Bling: All That Glitters Isn't Green

Oct 2007 - Brilliant Earth has consistently earned a reputation as a credible source for diamonds and metals, plus it donates 5% of its profits to help support communities in Africa harmed by the diamond trade.

HighSpirit: Drop Dead Ethical...and Gorgeous!

Nov/Dec 2007 - Eco-stylist Dawn Mellowship demystifies ethical fashion and shows you how to look sexy and stylish in ethical party frocks fit for an eco-princess.

The Knot: Eco Wedding Chic: How to Have a Green Wedding

Fall 2007/Winter 2008 - Wear a socially responsible diamond; shop for recycled gold. You'll help stop Africa's tumultuous diamond trade and help protect the environment (it takes 30 tons of rock to make one gold ring).

BellaOnline: Brilliant Earth: Favorite Diamond Jewelry Resource of the Year

Winter 2007 - Brilliant Earth only sells diamonds from Canadian mines, guaranteed wholly free from violence and human rights abuses.

In Style Weddings: Say "I Do" to a Green Wedding: Band Together

Summer 2007 - Shop for wedding rings crafted from recycled gold and platinum.

Canvas: Righteous Rocks

August 2007 - Many of the diamonds sold in jewelry stores around the world are mined in African countries and sold to finance local and national conflicts and war. If you are in the market for a little bling consider socially conscious diamonds from Brilliant Earth.

Discovery Channel: Get Fresh with Sara Snow - Green Wedding

July 25, 2007 - Features eco-friendly engagement ring set with 3 ct. ethically sourced sapphire - provided by Brilliant Earth.

For the Environmental Bride: Fun, carefree and a lover of nature, the Environmental Bride loves all things natural.

Summer, 2007 - Featuring Brilliant Earth snowflake diamond earrings and three sided pave ring.

Newsday: The ring (re)cycle: Consumers are looking for a jewelry they can buy with a clear conscience

June 4, 2007 - Those who drive hybrids and shop organic also want "green" jewelry options, says Eric Grossberg, a Bellmore native who lives in San Francisco and co-founded BrilliantEarth.com, an online jewelry site offering conflict free Canadian diamonds and recycled gold. "Jewelry is such an emotional symbol, handed down to future generations," he says.

Newsweek: Politically Correct Karat

March 12, 2007 - Sales at ecofriendly Brilliantearth.com, which offers "clean" Canadian diamonds and recycled gold, have more than tripled in the past year. "We're seeing people that like diamonds, and want to buy diamonds, and have recently learned about these issues."

LA Times: Jewelry companies look for values in valuables

February 14, 2007 - "There's definitely a trend towards ethical consumerism," said Beth Gerstein, co-founder of San Francisco-based Brilliant Earth, which sells conflict free jewelry.

Yogi Times: Sustainable Diamonds are Forever

February 2007 - Brilliant Earth diamonds are certified conflict free from sustainable mines in Canada.

USA Today: Choose Gems that are legit

December 4, 2006 - Brilliant Earth, a San Francisco-based jeweler, gets its diamonds from Canada, where diamond certification goes beyond the standards of the Kimberley Process to make sure diamonds are not obtained through child labor or worker exploitation.

Boulder Daily Camera: Hunting for conflict free diamonds this Valentine's Day

February 9, 2007 - McDonald ended up buying her ring from Brilliant Earth, after an Internet search. A San Francisco-based company, Brilliant Earth guarantees all of its diamonds come from Canadian mines and are conflict free. "We really clicked with him and we liked the testimonials," McDonald says. She also was able to design her own ring through the company.

San Francisco Chronicle

December 10, 2006 - Gerstein said she shares Global Witness' goal of improving wages, working conditions and environmental practices in the African mines. If enough consumers choose Canadian diamonds, she said, African producers will feel compelled to set up a similar tracking system that will encourage responsible mining practices.

CBS5 Consumer Watch: Bay Area Company Sells Conflict Free Diamonds

December 11, 2006 - "Given that these are symbols of love and commitment, I think it's important that consumers wear something that reflects their values,&qu cot; Gerstein said.

Ideal Bite: When is a ring more than just bling?

December 8, 2006 - When materials are mined responsibly, jewelry shines a little brighter. Brilliant Earth's gemstones can be traced back to the source, guaranteeing that all the diamonds they carry come with a clean-conscience guarantee.

Peace of Mine – Try these "Non-conflict" diamonds

December 4, 2006 - Photo spread of Brilliant Earth collection

Marie Claire: Cut, Color, Clarity, and a Clean Conscience

January 2007 - Gerstein thinks people should take matters into their own hands. "The industry is only going to change if consumers demand it," she says. Which is why she co-founded Brilliant Earth, a company that sells only conflict free diamonds

ABC7: Local Company Making "Non-Conflict" Diamonds

December 8, 2006 - Beth Gerstein started Brilliant Earth to sell only socially responsible diamonds – stones that are not funding wars and are not harvested in terrible working conditions. Her diamonds come from Canada, and for about the same price.

BusinessWeek: Shopping for the Guilt-Free Diamond

October 18, 2006 - In an industry fraught with human-rights abuses, one retailer is targetting socially conscious consumers with its "conflict free stones."

The Oregonian: All off the luster, none of the conflict

December 16, 2006 - Through an online San Francisco company called Brilliant Earth, Bizot found a stone mined in a sustainable Canadian mine that uses fair labor practices in cutting and polishing its stones. "I wanted it to reflect our values," said Bizot, 36. "It's going to be with our family for a long time."

Newsday: Moral questions about buying gems

November 28, 2006 - Last year, Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg, both alumni of Stanford Business School , founded Brilliant Earth, which advertises "Guaranteed Peace of Mind" and deals exclusively in Canadian stones.

The Guardian's San Francisco: Get Your (Conflict) Rocks Off

November 29, 2006 - Diamonds are supposed to be a symbol of love and commitment, but the industry has fueled a lot of civil wars, and many workers continue to live in abject poverty and work in dangerous and environmentally degrading conditions.

San Francisco Examiner: Diamonds for the Socially Conscious

July 28, 2006 - Searching for the sparkle in a shadowy industry: San Francisco firm targets buyers eager to enjoy stones not linked to armed conflicts.

Sirius Satellite Radio 114 Lime.Com, The Lazy Environmentalist: Celebrating in Eco Style

Radio Broadcast May 2006 - From conflict free diamonds mined with eco-friendly techniques to entire weddings planned with equal attention to style and sustainability.


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