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The Kevia Earrings

These spectacular floral inspired earrings from the Edwardian era each showcase a sparkling round brilliant diamond in the center, framed by a precious metal circle and an enchantingly detailed yellow gold surround (approx. 0.08 total carat weight).

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Light, elegant designs were characteristic of the Edwardian era, which ran from 1901 to about 1920. This jewelry is famous for extensive use of filigree techniques to create a wonderfully lacy look, and classic motifs designed to highlight a gemstone’s inherent beauty. Tassels, bows, garlands, and scrolls are prevalent motifs that illustrate the refined, graceful Edwardian sensibility.


Authenticity & Sourcing

All of our vintage jewelry was originally hand-made and has been selected by our jewelry experts taking into account beauty, craftsmanship, gemstone quality, and originality. These works of art reflect the spirit of their eras as well as the vision of the artisans who designed and produced them. No two items are ever exactly the same.