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Namibian Diamonds

Brilliant Earth offers ethical origin Namibian diamonds as part of our supply of Botswana DTC gems. Namibian diamonds come from mines that meet strict standards of social and environmental responsibility. All of our Namibian diamonds are mined and finished within the borders of this southwest African country, providing much-needed jobs, health care, and education opportunities for Namibia's people. Because Namibia's ecology has suffered from irresponsible mining practices in the past, diamond mining regions are now closely monitored for environmental impacts with special care to rehabilitate the land after use.


Namibian Diamonds

Most of Namibia's diamonds are found in coastal areas, both on-shore and off-shore. To protect this marine ecology, diamonds are mined in accordance with strict international environmental standards. On-shore mining areas are carefully rehabilitated through re-vegetation or repurposing of mining infrastructure. A program closely monitors marine mining operations to ensure that environmental impacts are mitigated. Namibian mines are certified as ISO 14001 compliant, which independently verifies that they have put in place a comprehensive environmental management plan.


All of our Namibian diamonds are mined, cut, and polished in Namibia, providing local jobs and safe and progressive  Namibian
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working conditions. Workers receive fair wages and skilled job training. They also benefit from a diamond-funded program to curb the spread of HIV among employees and local populations, both through education and by making treatment readily available.


Diamond mining in Namibia is conducted through a 50-50 joint venture parnership between De Beers and Namibia's government. Revenue from diamond sales regularly goes toward improving infrastructure, childhood education, and health care in local communities. Diamonds have funded the construction of a renowned maternity clinic in the country's north, as well as the University of Namibia and the Namibian Institute for Educational Development.

Namibian diamonds also support long-term economic development by enabling a self-sustainable national gem cutting industry, thus allowing Namibia to retain more of the value of its natural resources. Today, 30 percent of Namibia's annual export revenue comes from the diamond industry.

Namibian Diamonds Guarantee

At Brilliant Earth, we ensure that the mines that produce Namibian diamonds operate in accordance with socially and environmentally responsible practices and standards. Environmental impacts are minimized, sites are rehabilitated, and care is taken to promote the well being of local residents and the sustainable development of the region. Diamonds are brought from Namibia to the Diamond Trading Company's headquarters in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana. Each diamond is then carefully tracked through the supply chain to ensure it is not tainted by violence or other human rights violations.

All of our ethically sourced diamonds come with a Certificate of Origin that guarantees their ethical origin in accordance with socially and environmentally responsible principles.





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