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Botswana Diamonds

Ethical origin diamonds mined in Botswana, a country in southern Africa, make up about 70 to 80 percent of our supply of Botswana DTC gems. Diamonds from Botswana are mined in accordance with strict labor and environmental standards and are untouched by violence and human rights abuses. Botswana also uniquely harnesses its diamond wealth to foster broadly-shared prosperity. Customers choosing Botswana DTC diamonds generate much needed revenue that is used for investments in education, health care, and infrastructure.


Botswana Diamonds

Botswana's diamonds haved helped to reduce poverty and raise living standards in the country while building a more prosperous future. Diamond mines in Botswana are a 50/50 joint venture partnership between De Beers and Botswana's government. Nearly half of all government revenue in Botswana is generated from the diamond industry. The government has used this revenue to institute universal primary education and to make long-term investments in infrastructure, health care, and the national university. With the help of diamonds, Botswana has gone from one of Africa's poorest countries to one of its most successful.  

Diamond mines in Botswana also make direct investments in local communities. For instance, mines have funded primary schools for children of mine employees and community members as well as a hospital that services 60,000 patients a year.


harnesses its
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Diamonds from Botswana are carefully mined and processed to promote environmental sustainability and protect the ecosystem of the Kalahari Desert. To preserve and sustain the natural surroundings, environmental risks are minimized and frequent monitoring of land, air, and water is conducted. Mines are committed to conserving water in the dry Kalahari climate, as well as to reducing their impact on Botswana's vast array of wildlife. Leased mining lands support local flora and fauna by providing protected areas for endangered species, such as cheetahs and rhinos. The mines are certified as ISO 14001 compliant, which independently verifies they adhere to comprehensive international environmental management standards.


Botswana's diamonds have generated thousands of local jobs, both at the country's mines and in the broader economy. Mine employees earn fair wages and enjoy safe working conditions. Because workplace safety and health are prioritized, injuries to mine workers are rare and occur at even lower rates than at mines in the United States and Australia. One of the most pressing health and safety risks for workers is the high rate of HIV infection in Botswana. To combat HIV, mines run HIV prevention programs and offer free antiretroviral drugs.

Botswana Diamonds Guarantee

At Brilliant Earth, we guarantee that the mines we source from in Botswana follow responsible labor and environmental practices. Diamonds are brought from mines in Botswana to the Diamond Trading Company's headquarters in Gaborone, the capital city. Each diamond is then carefully tracked through the supply chain to ensure it is cut and polished responsibly and that it is not tainted by violence or other abuses.  



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