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Tennis Bracelets
Variety of diamond bracelets

Browse our collection of elegant and timeless white gold and platinum tennis bracelets in a variety of carat weights.

The cost all depends on the number of diamonds in the bracelet, their carat weight, and the quality (cut, color, and clarity).
Absolutely! Diamond tennis bracelets are a staple of the jewelry industry and have been for years. When it comes to high-end jewelry, you really can't go wrong with a diamond tennis bracelet—it's a great investment.
Tennis bracelets are designed to be loose enough so that they won't cut off blood flow, but not so loose that they slide around or fall off your wrist. They're meant to fit snugly—but comfortably—against your skin. You want to make sure there's some room for movement, so you can wear it comfortably every day without worrying about damaging it.