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Flower Engagement Rings

Flower Rings

With a flower engagement ring, you can present your partner with flowers every day. Pick their favorite florals, choose one for its meaning, or incorporate their preferred color gemstone. There are a variety of ways to flaunt a floral look, depending on the details you choose to accentuate the pattern. You decide how subtle or realistic you want your flower engagement ring to be.

Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

What are flower engagement rings?

A flower engagement ring falls into the category of nature-inspired rings — ones with purely botanical motifs. For example, milgrain might emphasize the veining of leaves; a cluster arrangement can resemble a bouquet; a wispy scroll of metal vines can give a garland effect to your gems. From flower carvings to a hidden halo of petals, here are the most common ways a flower engagement ring can blossom.

1) Flower engagement ring setting: These settings feature floral accents along the band, gallery, and prongs of a ring – or on all three. Classic examples include milgrain detailing that sweeps upwards like a vine, marquise diamond accents that look like buds, and subtly floral engravings that add a hint of botanical bloom to designs.

Lily Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

2) Floral center stone: Rounded or elongated shapes are best for mimicking the center of a flower. Think oval or pear forms, and marquise or cushion cuts. You can also use these fancy diamond shapes to design artistic leaves and boughs around your center stone. Or beneath it, with a rounded gem that sits high like a bud on top of claw prongs.

Budding Willow Solitaire Ring

3) A halo setting: If you want the top-down illusion of looking onto a flower, design the halo around your center stone to look like petals. This is commonly achieved with an arrangement of outer pavé gems. For a minimal aesthetic, you can opt for all metal shapes where petal placement and the prongs holding them work together to create the body of a flower.

Lotus Flower Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Flower Meanings for Engagement Rings

When you’ve found a gorgeous floral design you know your partner will love (or if you’d rather start with their favorite flower), you can explore the floral language of love. Each flower has its own meaning. When suitors and secret admirers in the Victorian era wanted to make their feelings (inconspicuously) known, they’d send the flowers that represented their emotions. Here are a few common themes:

Any flower can be a thoughtful reflection of your relationship, your partner, or your intentions. You can also choose your partner’s birth flower (just like gemstones, each month is assigned a flower).

Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

Popular Gemstones for Flower Engagement Rings

A floral engagement ring often combines rich or pastel hues for the center stone and its setting. Here are the most common gemstones that display the beauty of Mother Nature. Just like flowers, each gem has its own meaning.


As the ultimate symbol of commitment and eternity, it shares the sentiment of the rose. White or colored diamonds are popular for center stones and decorative accents in any flower. They inspire enduring love because of their toughness. They’re also attached to purity, fitting for their brilliance and clarity.


Known for deep blue hue, sapphires actually come in most colors. High on the Mohs scale of hardness, they’re long-lasting and scratch resistant. These gems state wisdom and nobility, a good match for a lily.


Fiery red, these richly colored gems are all about desire. While suited for a rose, a ruby can add energy to any vibrant floral.


The lush green shade is ideal for literal interpretations of plant life, including accent stones that stand in for leaves and stems. Emeralds signify growth, so they’re perfect for an engagement ring before starting the next chapter. As natural emeralds are softer than the other gems, you’ll want a secure setting, like a bezel.

Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

Our Favorite Flower Engagement Rings

Whether you want the precision of a piece that mimics the geometry found in nature or something truly botanical, a floral design is always in style. Here is our roundup of nature engagement rings inspired by the wonders of the wild.

Secret Garden Diamond Engagement Ring

Secret Garden Diamond Engagement Ring

Glistening marquise-shaped diamond buds rest on whimsical vines of precious metal winding towards the center gem for a look of natural elegance

Camellia Indigo Milgrain Engagement Ring

Camellia Indigo Milgrain Engagement RingA milgrain filament winds upwards towards aquamarines, diamonds, and lab alexandrties that rest at either side of the center stone for a subtly floral look, while a trellis-style head adds a bit of blue-hued whimsy.

Petal Diamond Engagement Ring

Petal Diamond Engagement Ring
This nature-inspired ring features diamond-accented leaves that extend upwards towards a center gem cradled by four claw prongs.

Willow Engagement Ring with Lab Emerald Accents

Willow Engagement Ring with Lab Emerald Accents
Wispy vines of precious metal entwine towards lustrous marquise-shaped lab created emerald buds in this nature-inspired trellis ring.

Fiore Diamond Engagement Ring

Fiore Diamond Engagement Ring

A beautiful center gem blooms from within shimmering diamond leaves in this chic and memorable setting.

Sweeping Ivy Diamond Engagement Ring

Inspired by the splendor of nature, a sparkling center gem blooms from a glistening vine of diamond buds in this extraordinary, asymmetrical ring.

Zinnia Diamond Engagement Ring

Zinnia Diamond Engagement Ring

This feminine, nature-inspired ring showcases a dazzling center gem blooming from within a gallery of shimmering diamond petals.

Nadia Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Nadia Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A lavish take on classic, this setting features a dazzling halo of diamonds that wraps the glistening center stone in an aura of light.

Winding Ivy Diamond Engagement Ring

Winding Ivy Diamond Engagement Ring
Sweeping vines of striking diamonds entwine the center gem in an aura of light for a whimsical and spectacular look.

Rosita Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Rosita Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Inspired by the beauty of roses, this romantic setting features pavé-set diamonds that extend half of the way around the band and curve upwards like vines reaching for the sun.

Celebrity Flower Engagement Rings

Wildflower Collection

Flower Wedding Rings to Complete Your Bridal Set

Don’t worry if you don’t want to commit to the sculptural silhouette of a flower engagement ring or if you weren’t able to get one. It’s not too late. You can turn your ring into a flower with your wedding band. Flower wedding rings have all the same charm. Whether it’s a yellow gold or a rose gold, you can enhance or achieve a natural look with a wedding band.

Willow Bridal Set

Eclipse Diamond Ring (1/3 ct. tw.)

Veranda Diamond Ring

Why Choose a Flower Engagement Ring

With more gems and more intricacy involved in the gems’ placement, flower engagement rings are natural beauties. They’re fresh, unique, inexpensive options if you’re looking for jewelry with a big presence and stunning sparkle. Elegant or whimsical, flower engagement rings symbolize growth, offering rich colors to brighten your partner’s day. There are endless options to express your creativity.

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