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Rose gold moissanite rings feature a glimmering moissanite center stone and a blush-pink band. Increasingly sought-after, rose gold moissanite rings are a charming yet modern style. First utilized in jewelry in the early 19th century, rose gold is a precious metal created from pure gold mixed with other alloys like copper. Rose gold moissanite rings feature a distinctive pinkish hue that complements a moissanite's rainbow sparkle. A rose gold moissanite ring is an excellent choice for those interested in both form and function: they are as durable as they are beautiful.

Combining rose gold and moissanite is a match made in heaven as moissanite is a gift from the stars. Originally discovered inside the crater of a meteorite, moissanite is a unique substance formed from silicon carbide. Moissanite rings display a unique rainbow scintillation that you can't find in diamond or gemstone rings. Learn more about moissanite in our moissanite vs. diamond guide.