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Half Carat Diamond Rings

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A half carat diamond ring is one of the most popular carat weight choices for engagement rings. Understatedly sophisticated, half carat diamond rings come in all traditional diamond shapesround, oval, cushion, princess, pear, emerald, asscher, heart, marquise, and radiant. Once you've chosen which shape you're looking for, choose from a curated selection of stunning engagement ring settings that compliment your one-of-a-kind stone. Half carat diamonds are often set in traditional settings as well as unique, modern and nontraditional styles that make a statement.

To learn more about 1/2 carat diamond rings, don't hesitate to reach out to our jewelry specialists who can answer your questions via phone, chat, virtual or in-person appointment. In addition to our selected settings, you can also inquire about creating a custom half carat diamond ring if you're looking for a truly unique, original design.