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Elongated Radiant Cut Diamond Rings

18K Yellow Gold North Star Ring

This is your go-to ring when you want the graceful emerald-shaped outline that says “classic,” and the modern brilliance of a round diamond on a budget. With an elongated radiant cut diamond, you get the durability of a radiant cut’s beveled corners, without sacrificing any impressive shine. Here’s why you should consider an even slimmer silhouette for your radiant cut.

What is an elongated radiant cut?

The elongated radiant diamond has the slender shape of an emerald cut diamond, but the facets of a round cut diamond. It’s the ultimate combination: an extended body that’s universally flattering on all who wear it, and jewelry that sparkles more than your average gem. All the va-va-voom without the cha-ching.

Are elongated radiant cuts more expensive?

Generally, no, because a radiant cut preserves more of a diamond’s natural, pre-polished state (less intensive whittling required). The extra length also isn’t as important to cost as the 4 Cs of diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat. For example, radiant cuts are what you call “fancy shapes,” so they tend to flaunt a bit more color than a pure glittering white gemstone, especially when compared to round brilliant diamonds. These compromises drive down their price. That being said, prongs can usually disguise most of a radiant cut’s imperfections. With the right ring setting, a stone won’t reveal its worth.

What is the L/W ratio for an elongated radiant cut diamond?

The fun and intrigue of an elongated radiant cut is its rectangular body, which has a ratio of about 1.15 to 1.35. You can still achieve the shape with a diamond that has a ratio of 1.2 and higher — the most popular is 1.25. It’s all preference. All you need to know is that when there’s a bigger difference between your numbers, there’s a more elongated shape in your diamond.

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Pros of Elongated Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Cons of Elongated Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

18K White Gold Four Prong Petite Comfort Fit with Elongated Radiant Moissanite

How do you choose an elongated radiant cut engagement ring?

1. Budget

Just because an elongated diamond has more body, doesn’t mean it’ll demand more spend. In fact, a lot of the appeal of the elongated diamond’s measurement is looking larger than its actual weight, and often larger than a round cut with the same weight. The longer shape means the gem cutter is able to make the most of the diamond’s original form, a less time-consuming process that ends up being cheaper for both of you.

2. Gemstone

When you’re truly trying to “cut” back on what a diamond is worth (financially), look to moissanite vs. diamonds for your elongated radiant cut. These gems are man-made rather than harvested, so they’re more sustainable for the earth and your budget. Because of an elongated cut’s color depth and how it uses so much of the original stone, radiant gemstones often come in “fancy” colors. But even if you prefer white diamonds to vibrant hues, you can get the look for less due to the elongated diamond cut’s fire.

3. Length to Width Ratio

The size of your radiant cut diamond is all about personal style (and comfort), but a length-to-width ratio of 1.15 to 1.35 is the go-to refinement for elongated shapes. If you’re shopping under 1.05, you’re in the square radiant range.

4. Remaining 4 Cs

An elongated radiant cut implies the overall shape you can expect, but what about the rest of your ring? Quality depends on the carat, clarity, and color. A radiant cut means you get more for your carat, because by weight, elongated gems look even more glitz and glam (huge and sparkly). And because of the angular faceting, you can save on clarity when shopping for an elongated radiant diamond. Why? Between its edges and bright sparkle, this type of cut will mask most inclusions (tiny imperfections). So you don’t have to splurge more on eye-clean gems, because even I1 diamonds will appear flawless with an elongated cut’s longer shape and many facets. For the same reason (brilliance), you can also shop for a lower diamond color Even an H or I color radiant can present as a white gem because an elongated shape reflects so much light. If you want to avoid as much tint in your diamond as possible, appointments with our jewelry experts (virtual or in-person) can ease the anxiety of buying your engagement ring online. We’ll ensure you find the most striking and affordable combination of 4 Cs.

5. Setting

Because of their semi-rarity, elongated radiant rings aren’t as widely available in as many settings. But halo rings intensify the captivating, glimmering quality of this diamond cut. Halo settings are made to bring out or amplify the brightness in a sparkly diamond, with a circle of small accent stones surrounding the band of a larger center stone. So this setting is the perfect match for the effervescence of the elongated radiant cut.

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Elongated Radiant Cut Diamond Ring FAQs

Is a princess cut or radiant cut diamond more elongated?

Radiant cut diamonds are more well-known for being elongated, because princess cuts are square. The biggest difference between these diamond cuts tends to be the cropped corners of the radiant cut vs. the sharp edges of the princess cut diamond.

Does an elongated radiant cut diamond have a bowtie effect?

It’s possible. Elongated radiant cut diamonds occasionally come with a dark faceting “bowtie” pattern across their center, compromising their purity. An adorable name, an unfortunate illusion. Poor craftsmanship means a darker or larger shadow. And the bigger the bowtie, the dimmer the shine. Not unlike the milky dulling effect of diamond fluorescence, a bowtie can lead to a less exciting (shiny) gem. It’s important to invest in the quality of the cut for the best sparkle, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Final Thoughts

The luxe appearance of an elongated radiant cut is a pretty shine without the cost of a pretty penny. Shop Brilliant Earth’s lab grown diamonds for the most cost-effective elongated radiant cut. And when you begin your radiant lab grown diamond search with us, you can guarantee your gems are environmentally conscious.

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