Length-to-Width Ratio –The length-to-width ratio compares the length of a diamond to its width to show how elongated a fancy-shaped diamond appears when viewed from the top. Length/width ratio is a matter of personal preference with some individuals preferring a more elongated shape and others a more equal or square shape. The most popular length/width ratios for fancy shapes are below.

Ex. A princess-cut diamond that measures 5.05 mm long by 5.00mm has a length-to-width ratio of 1.01 (5.05/5.00), and will appear perfectly square.

Most popular length/width ratios:
Princess: 1.00-1.05
Radiant: 1.00-1.05
Asscher: 1.00-1.05
Cushion: 1.00-1.05
Heart: 0.90-1.10
Emerald: 1.30-1.40
Oval: 1.30-1.70
Pear: 1.45-1.75
Marquise: 1.75-2.30