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Top Trends for Bridal Jewelry

More than ever, women want their engagement and wedding rings to be designed specifically to fit their lifestyle and personality – the ideal ring is unique and personalized to be like no other. Many brides and brides-to-be are opting to modify their rings to match their individual design tastes. Popular modifications include personalized engravings, and added splashes of color with side stones and surprise stones in the gallery. Selecting alternative metals is also a trendy way to show your distinctive style. We are seeing an increasing number of beautiful rings cast in gleaming, blush hued rose gold.


Modified Art Deco Filigree Diamond Ring with Sapphires    14K Rose Gold Halo Diamond Ring     Modified Starla Ring with Sapphires


Colored gemstones have been a leading trend in 2012 and we anticipate this style maintaining its rising popularity as an increasing number of celebrities and royals opt for vibrant center gemstones.  Many women are selecting blue and pink sapphires, rubies and emeralds for their center gems.  Sapphire rings are particularly sought after, since sapphires are highly valued for their hard surface and durability.  Their excellent durability means that they are ideal for day to day wear, and can withstand surface chipping and scratching.   Sapphires are especially popular in dazzling halo styles, where the vibrant color of the sapphire gemstone contrasts beautifully with a white halo of brilliant diamonds that surround the center gem.   Three stone diamond and sapphire rings are another popular take on a ring that combines both gemstones beautifully.

  Sapphire Three Stone Diamond Trellis Ring     Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring     Sapphire Antique Scroll Three Stone Trellis Ring

Historically, sapphires have also been highly prized for their extensive variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.  From cushion to round to oval and from blue to pink to yellow, there is a vibrant sapphire center gem that will make your sapphire ring uniquely perfect for you.  Learn more about sapphires or view our collection of sapphire engagement rings.


When in doubt, embrace detail! The well admired antique, vintage and heirloom styles, such as the traditional halo, are still popular, but now is the time to jazz up these classics. Rings will be sure to stand out as truly special with greater side detailing, more side stones, filigree, and milgrain.

Delicate Antique Scroll Ring      Victorian Halo Diamond Ring     Hand-Engraved Laurel Ring


A top wedding trend this year is the green wedding, making ethical bridal jewelry the newest frontier of green style. More than ever stylish options are being offered within a sustainable solution. Consider Brilliant Earth’s beyond conflict free Canadian, Namibian, Botswana, and Russian diamonds. These diamonds are carefully tracked from mine to market to ensure they are mined, cut, and polished with socially and environmentally responsible practices. Conflict free diamonds are even more fashionable when set in recycled precious metals or fair trade gold!

For more information about creating your own Brilliant Earth ring, view our collection of engagement and wedding rings.


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