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What is the Silver Anniversary?

Happy silver jubilee! (Yes, your perfect wedding day really was over two decades ago.) While there are no member’s only jackets for this impressive milestone (may we suggest fluffy, monogrammed robes?), there are 25-year anniversary gifts. So, we’ve gathered a few celebratory ideas to commemorate 25 years of your wedded bliss.

How Many Years is the Silver Anniversary?

The silver anniversary represents 25 beautiful, glittering years of marriage together and builds on the tradition of themed anniversary gifts (in this case, silver).

History of the Silver Anniversary

Once upon a time in Middle Europe, a Germanic husband gave his wife of 25 years a silver garland. Then that same husband gave that same wife a wreath of gold on their 50th anniversary. Or so one version of the story goes. Others credit the friends and neighbors of the couple for these gifts. And some say this all started with the marriage customs of Ancient Romans. But whoever is responsible was a trendsetter. Centuries later, it’s still a tradition on silver and gold anniversaries to bestow your beloved with metallic-themed presents.

Every anniversary has a corresponding gift, allowing you to acquire keepsakes for all your time together and symbolize your shared life. The gifts start off pretty fragile (cotton, paper, etc.) but strengthen and increase in value over time, like a marriage is expected to. It’s quirky, it’s fun, and it’s a sweet collect-able way to recognize how far you’ve come in your decision to grow old together. After all, 25 years is a lot of birthdays and holidays, and not every tie or handbag is preserved through the decades (chocolates tend to have an even shorter lifespan).

Whether you choose to cherish your anniversary gifts or let them fade with the years behind you, remember that your faith in each other got you through these years, not the material things. They just add a sense of occasion.

If you go the material route, there are creative solutions for capturing the metaphor of that metallic marriage sheen. Plated or spray-coated, you can add it to all the traditional anniversary gifts: Silver flowers and a card can be your declarations, while silver balloons, candles, and vases can be your decorations.

What is a Silver Jubilee?

A silver jubilee is a 25th anniversary. As a married couple, it’s your quadranscentennial anniversary (though jubilee is easier and more fun to say). While your marriage is worth celebrating every day, another year is an extra special marker of your commitment to each other. And 25 years to boot? Seriously. Well done.

Whether those years were hard-won or smooth sailing, your silver wedding anniversary is not about qualifying your unique bond. It honors the survival of that relationship through thick and thin. Like any record, your silvery jubilee pays tribute to your accomplishment. On this day, that feat is your long-held love.

Your silver jubilee is a major life event. Your marriage is about every incremental step of the way, and they’re all worth acknowledging. They all got you here, to 25 gorgeous years. This anniversary, you’ve entered a very special circle. Congratulations!

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Whether you choose to celebrate with an intimate evening or an over-the-top bash, make your silver anniversary as memorable and timeless as your love. The “silver” in your anniversary may encourage you to splurge (it’s been a quarter of a century, after all). But all that matters is reassuring your partner that they are your past, present, and future. After all these years, maybe your hair is silver and that’s enough (and proof) for you both.

Silver is the milestone metal for a 25-year marriage, but if you opt out of a literal interpretation, the purple iris is the 25th anniversary flower. Present an elegant bouquet with any of these silver anniversary gift ideas. Remember, you’re not bound to any traditions. Only each other.

Final Thoughts

25 years down and an eternity to go. The next step is to go for gold with the 50th anniversary (you’re already halfway there!). Between anniversary earrings and anniversary pendants, you can shop Brilliant Earth for all of your milestone jewelry every time that special day comes around.

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