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SCS Global Services’ Statement Pertaining to Its Review of Brilliant Earth’s Chain-of-Custody Protocols to Verify Country of Origin Claims

Below is a statement from SCS regarding their assessment of our chain of custody protocols to verify diamond country of origin claims. This is the full and unedited statement.

“SCS Global Services (SCS) is a recognized third-party certification body operating for more than three decades to independently evaluate and confirm claims of environmental, social and quality performance.

In 2016, Brilliant Earth requested that SCS conduct a verification audit of Brilliant Earth’s chain-of-custody protocols intended to confirm the country of origin for the diamonds it purchases and sells.  SCS conducted an audit of Brilliant Earth’s supply chain for diamonds originating from three countries – Canada, Botswana and Russia.  This audit included a detailed examination of the document trail from rough diamond to finished product, and was conducted in alignment with Responsible Jewellry Council protocols for the chain of custody.  Based on this audit, SCS confirmed the Brilliant Earth chain-of-custody protocols in November 2016, leading to verification of country-of-origin claims for these diamonds.

It is important to note that this audit and verification was the first stage in a multi-step, continuous improvement initiative to bring greater assurance to the country-of-origin claims in the diamond industry in the future.  Brilliant Earth’s goal is to work with its supply chain partners toward ever more rigorous procedures, that can give maximum confidence to its customers and set an example for its industry.  As such, it is continuing to engage SCS to identify additional ways to enhance chain-of-custody procedures as part of its overall goal of fostering more sustainable practices.”




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