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Halo Heaven


There’s no doubt that the hot green wedding trend will continue into 2009, and beyond! Another trend that’s hard to miss is the strong customer demand for halo diamond engagement rings. Brilliant Earth is excited to bring both these trends together with our expanded collection of halo diamond rings made from conflict free diamonds, ethical origin sapphires and eco-friendly gold and platinum.

White Gold Halo with Diamond Sidestones


For those of you who aren’t in the know, a halo ring is one in which a center gemstone is surrounded by a frame of small diamond accents. Everywhere we turn we see diamonds wreathed in more diamonds! From glitzy versions with added side diamonds and milgrain detail, to simple halo styles featuring a single wreath of diamonds framing a clean solitaire, the appeal is easy to understand once one of these delicate delights is on your hand. The boldness of the ring in its entirety draws the eye, while the almost imperceptible diamonds in the halo twinkle with their own tiny lights, lending an air of softness and romance. Halo’s not only cross all design barriers, but they also transcend all price ranges, which mean they are a great way to get a lot more “look” for a lot less loot! For those who desire a ring with true WOW-Power, halos surrounding bezel set diamonds of fancy shapes are sure to stun even the most discriminating jewelry fanatics. For the more classic and subdued set, a halo-surrounded round diamond set in a four prong center, looks classy with a touch of vintage romance. Now everyone can find a halo that works with their values, lifestyle and signature look!

Fancy Bezel Halo


View our collection of engagement rings settings to see all of our halo ring styles.


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