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Focusing on Some Good News During COVID-19

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There is good news around the world – It’s you!

While we all focus on supporting those on the front lines by staying home and staying informed of the latest guidelines, we’re also inspired by the love and unity being shared around the world. We hope you find joy in these silver linings.

A Healing Earth

Photo by @jelinemercado and @tp0710

While stay-at-home orders have become commonplace throughout the world, there has been a huge drop in air pollution in several countries and cities. Scientists are optimistic that the drop in pollution is a preview to what low carbon-emission lifestyles will lead to. Take advantage of clearer skies by a enjoying backyard dinner with a sunset view or a moonlit cocktail hour!

Animals Enjoying Humans at Home

Photo by @jessie_mcburney and @irishpdpirate

From our own pets to endangered species, animals seem to be loving this lockdown. As many of us are spending much more time at home, adoption kennels are finding themselves completely empty with an influx of people able to foster and adopt animals.

It’s not just domesticated animals that are thriving during this time. Sea turtles are currently in their egg laying season, which is typically a very vulnerable time while sharing beaches with humans. While we stay at home and away from the sandy shore, the sea turtle eggs’ journey to the ocean is a little easier in Brazil and in Florida, helping this endangered species to thrive. In Thailand, the largest number of leatherbacks in two decades was just recorded!

Time for Learning

Photo by @minimal.mouse

A National Emergency Library has been created by the Internet Archive, which contains 1.4 million books that anyone in the world can access for free. If you’re looking for more structured learning, many universities are offering some courses online for free, including Yale’s popular ‘Happiness’ course.

Love Endures

Photo by @erinwos

Our hearts go out to all of our customers whose weddings or proposal plans have been changed or put on hold during this time. We’ve been so inspired by the stories of couples who are using this time to make a positive impact. Read about a couple who donated their 400 wedding meals to hospital workers, and about two epidemiologists who tied the knot at their hospital!

Love isn’t put on hold during lockdown. We’ve loved hearing our customers’ quarantine proposal stories –  read them here.

Final Thoughts

Around the world, people are coming together to spread joy and love to their neighbors. The positive impacts of joining together to fight this pandemic are all around us. Amidst uncertain times, what are your silver linings? Share with us in the comments below, or on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

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