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Gold Engagement Rings

Gold Engagement Rings

In ancient Alexandria, alchemists devoted their lives to an outlandish task…they wanted to turn lead into gold! And who can blame them?  Who wouldn’t want an endless supply of this luxurious precious metal? Our love of gold has even seeped into our vocabulary. After all, the golden girls won Golden Globes while living out their golden years.  There was once a gold rush in the golden state where all that glitters is not gold. And everyone tries their best to live by the golden rule!

Gold implies that something is beautiful, unsurpassed, precious, and valuable, so is there any wonder why gold engagement rings are so sought after?


Gold Engagement Rings


Gold engagement rings have been highly sought after for ages. Gold is a stunning, brilliant metal that is extremely versatile. Gold engagement rings are based on a 24 karat scale. Though a 24 karat gold ring might sound desirable, it wouldn’t actually last very long. Pure gold is soft compared to other metals, and is therefore easily bent or damaged. The addition of stronger alloys creates beautiful hues of gold and helps increase its durability!


White Gold Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a sophisticated, stylish ring, look no further than white gold engagement rings. White gold and diamonds create a beautiful contrast of sparkle and shine, and it is a stunning alternative to platinum, which has a similar silver-white hue. White gold complements both diamonds and vibrant colored gemstones, opening up a world of color! Many people love the pure-white coloring of white gold engagement rings, and that color comes from the rhodium plating on white gold. Rhodium, a member of the platinum family, gives the ring a flawless finish. A white gold engagement ring is a stunning choice!


Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold engagement rings are highly sought after for engagement rings because it makes diamonds pop and the warm, rich color goes great with many skin tones! Like white gold engagement rings, yellow gold combines pure gold with metal alloys. The percentages and metals used, however, maintain the yellow luster of pure gold. Yellow gold is most often associated with pure gold, and many choose this option to create a luxurious piece with a traditional appeal.


Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings are a beautiful combination of yellow gold and copper, creating an appealing pink-hued tone. This mixture gives a soft, romantic look to a ring, and is a great option if you are looking for something unique.  Rose gold looks particularly beautiful with diamonds, beautifully setting off their brilliance and creating an overall glowing effect.


Gold Engagement Rings      Gold Engagement Rings      Gold Engagement Rings


Gold vs. Platinum vs. Palladium

If you want the warm look of pure gold, yellow gold is the way to go. However, if you love the look of silver-white jewelry, you have more options. Platinum is highly sought after for its durability, rarity, and pure white coloring. While rhodium plating on white gold rings needs to be re-plated once in a while, a platinum ring requires less maintenance, but is typically offered at a higher price.
Another option is palladium. Palladium rings are 95% pure palladium, another member of the platinum family, and maintain the same high purity level as platinum.  Palladium is sought after for its silvery white hue, hypoallergenic qualities, and lower price point, though it is less dense than platinum or gold and can be more challenging to resize or repair. Whether you choose, gold, platinum, or palladium, consider recycled precious metals to reduce the environmental impact of your engagement ring. These rings are stunning and eco-friendly!

Why Do We Love Gold?

Gold has sparked our imaginations for centuries. Archaeological records tell us that human beings have been extracting gold from the earth as far back as the 4th millennium B.C., and amazing literature, mythology, and actual historical events have been linked to the quest for this precious element. There have been legendary hunts for rumored treasures, such as the gold that supposedly sank with Nantucket, Titanic’s sister ship. Countless treasure hunt movies—such as Indiana Jones and The Goonies—have enthralled thrill seekers for decades.

Gold Engagement Rings

Recently a real life treasure hunt has begun! In early 2013, a retired art trader named Forrest Fenn hid a treasure chest reportedly filled with gold coins and gems worth millions of dollars. With only a cryptic poem to lead them, treasure hunters are fervently searching for the gold. Fenn claims that he wanted to create an adventure that would get people outside and exploring the world.  

Final Thoughts


Do you love the pure white look of white gold, the warm glow of yellow gold or the romantic look of rose gold? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments!



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