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Colorless lab diamonds now available



Poised to light up the market in a more significant way, lab created diamonds are now available in colorless ranges and in a broader range of sizes than ever before (up to approximately 1 carat total weight).  This is an exciting development in the world of diamonds generally, but especially for those interested in ethically sourced jewelry.  Lab created diamonds, also called cultured diamonds, have been available within the yellow spectrum of colors —from soft golden to bold canary—for quite some time. But, the process for producing colorless lab diamonds has taken a bit longer to perfect.  With the considerable anticipation surrounding their readiness and availability, Brilliant Earth is thrilled to be able to unveil an impressive selection of colorless laboratory created diamonds.


Round colorless lab diamond


What makes this recent advancement in technology so appealing and consequential?  Colorless, cultured diamonds now have the same characteristics—physically, optically, and chemically—as their naturally mined counterparts. When cultured diamonds are directly compared to naturally mined diamonds, they are indistinguishable to even the most expert eyes until viewed with sophisticated equipment.  These stones are, in fact, real diamonds. 


In essence, cultured diamonds are grown in a controlled setting from diamond “seeds,” under a high pressure and high temperature process (up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit) or a chemical vapor deposition process, with magnificent results.  The methods mimic the way diamonds form in nature—cultured diamonds also grow crystal by crystal, layer by layer, and are polished and refined until breathtaking and everlasting.


Identical in chemical composition, cultured diamonds look and feel just like naturally mined diamonds, and also reflect light with equal sparkle and fire. This is decidedly not the case for diamond simulants—things like cubic zirconia (CZ) and moissanite—which are different materials entirely and are easily identifiable in a diamond “lineup.”  Diamond simulants differ fundamentally from real diamonds in their physical appearance and chemical composition.  Because of this, diamond simulants cost—and are worth—much less.


Laboratory created diamonds offer an incredible opportunity for people searching to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing beauty when purchasing diamond jewelry.  More affordable and physically equivalent, these stunners are a wonderful option for engagement rings, diamond earrings, or pendants.  We are also pleased to offer a larger collection of colorless or yellow diamonds in larger carat weights by special request.  As always, we at Brilliant Earth remain committed to our mission to provide socially and environmentally conscious diamond jewelry—mined or lab-created—with passion and compassion.  The options are limitless, and we are eager to help design the perfect gift, whatever the occasion.





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