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Cocktail Rings

cocktail rings

If you’re looking for a ring that draws every eye in the room, a cocktail ring might be for you! These rings radiate drama and glamour—they’re the polar opposite of everyday simplicity, making them perfect for a big night out!
Though the definition of a cocktail ring isn’t set in stone, it is generally agreed upon that cocktail rings have a “wow” factor. They tend to be oversized and feature glittering diamonds and/or colored gemstones. Some believe that cocktail rings must feature a large precious or semi-precious colored gemstone of over three or four carats. Others have included rings that feature a large, unique, dramatic design, regardless of the size of the center stone. Everyone agrees, however, that cocktail rings are all about expressing your personal style in a big way.
Why are these large, spectacular rings called cocktail rings? Though oversized rings existed long before the 1920s, is generally theorized that cocktail rings got their name due to prohibition, when fashionable women wore these dazzling pieces to illegal cocktail parties. As they sipped away at their illicit beverages, the gems on their fingers would subtly reflect the low, underground lighting. This is why we see so many gorgeous antique cocktail rings from the Art Deco era. Prohibition wasn’t the only thing that was flaunted in the roaring twenties! Women began expressing themselves through their hair, clothing, and jewelry, which is why so many fun, vibrant pieces were handcrafted during this period.
If you’re in the market for a gorgeous, high quality cocktail ring but you’re not sure where to start, take these suggestions into consideration!

Vintage Cocktail Rings

Whether you’re exploring the Victorian era of the 1800s or the more recent Retro era of the 1940s, you’re bound to find a plethora of gorgeous cocktail rings. Jewelry masters of the past have carefully designed and crafted these rings so that their style and design would endure the ages.Vintage cocktail rings feature an array of unique styles from swirling designs to rings that look like a bright sunburst of glittering gemstones. They feature everything from nine carat pink tourmalines to stunning clusters of old mine cut diamonds.
cocktail ring

Dinner Rings

Though some use the terms ‘cocktail ring’ and ‘dinner ring’ interchangeably, some believe that dinner rings are actually a special type of cocktail ring. These sophisticated cocktail rings were often worn to special occasions, such as a nice dinner! Dinner rings tend to be long and flat—they will occasionally span the distance between your knuckles. Stunning filigree and an array of diamonds and colored gemstones create these broad, stunning designs.

Custom Cocktail Rings

If you have a dramatic cocktail ring design that is dancing around in your head, you don’t have to settle for a ring that’s “close enough.” Create your perfect ring by working with one of our jewelry design experts who can bring your dream to life.
With a custom cocktail ring, you might choose to include sapphires, emeralds, or a number of other colored gemstones. Keep in mind, however, that cocktail rings tend to highlight large, glittering centerpieces, which can raise the cost of the ring. To create an affordable, quality cocktail ring, many choose to highlight semiprecious gemstones such as peridot, citrine, or garnet.
cocktail rings

How to Wear Cocktail Rings

You may have heard the term “right hand ring” thrown around before, but do you know what it means? A right hand ring is a ring that is worn on any finger of the right hand, though the right ring finger tends to be a popular location. The left hand is generally reserved for an engagement ring, so other large jewelry is worn on the right hand so that it doesn’t compete.
If you’re looking to make a big statement, wear multiple cocktail rings at once or wear them on your left hand!

Final Thoughts

Do you ever wear big, fancy jewelry to cocktail parties? What does your dream cocktail ring look like? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments!


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