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Brilliant Earth’s Response to False Video


Recently Brilliant Earth was confronted with a false and malicious YouTube video that questioned our sourcing practices. At the time, we provided ample evidence to show the accusation was completely inaccurate.

Despite our best efforts to share the truth with the video creator, he has continued to defame Brilliant Earth through videos, blog posts, social media, and through the press. As a result, we are left with no alternative but to take legal action to set the record straight.

His claims that diamonds cannot be traced to ethical sources are fundamentally untrue. We take ethical sourcing extremely seriously, and our tracking practices and chain of custody protocols meet rigorous standards. To go the extra mile, we brought in SCS Global Services, a recognized neutral third party auditor and verification body, with a 33-year track record of proven performance, to audit our tracking practices from mining operator to purchase more than a year ago. They verified our chain of custody protocols to confirm the country of origin of our diamonds.

No company ever wants to resort to legal action, but Brilliant Earth deeply believes in our values of awareness and transparency. We cannot stand by while this blatantly false and misleading information is spread.

We thank all of our customers who have stood by us and continue to passionately support our mission. We will continue to advocate for change within the diamond industry by offering consumers greater transparency and an ethical choice in diamond purchases.

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