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A Larger Diamond for Less? It’s True!

As any diamond consumer knows, diamond grading options can be confusing and intimidating to navigate. As you wade through the myriad of options available for trying to balance size, quality, and beauty, Brilliant Earth offers one little-known suggestion rarely made by jewelers that can allow you to secure a larger diamond without additional cost. Read on for the scoop!


If you’re planning on purchasing a yellow or rose gold setting, you may be able to minimize on color specifications while not sacrificing the overall visual appearance of the diamond. The warm, sunny color given off by a setting made with yellow and rose gold has a tendency to reflect into the diamond set inside. Which means that lower color grades will still look beautiful when set in warm colored metals. By selecting a diamond in the lower near colorless to slightly colored range (G-I and J-L respectively), you can use the savings to purchase a larger diamond for the same overall price (or save a little something for that future down payment)!


Check out our diamond selection to see what Brilliant Earth has to offer. (And of course, all of our diamonds are conflict free!)


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