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Rose gold engagement rings feature a distinctive pinkish hue that complements a diamond's sparkle. A rose gold engagement ring is an excellent choice for those interested in both form and function: they are as durable as they are beautiful. First crafted in the early 19th century, rose gold engagement rings are incredibly charming. Rose gold is a precious metal that is created from pure gold mixed with other alloys like copper. Learn more about rose gold in our precious metals guide.

Rose gold metal is made using gold, silver metal alloys, and copper metal alloys. The amount of copper in this alloy determines the color of this metal. For instance, a rose gold engagement ring that has a deep blush color contains less gold and more copper than a rose gold ring that has a light red color.
Rose gold rings are a gorgeous option that complements any skin tone or outfit. These rings are also more durable than yellow or white gold, and you won’t have to get them dipped on a regular basis like you would with yellow or white gold rings.
The extra copper content in rose gold rings is what makes them durable and less prone to wear and tear than other varieties of gold.
Therefore, a rose gold engagement ring does not need an exterior layer of plating since such a ring can better resist dents and scratches.
Rose gold that is made from pure gold does not tarnish over time. Instead, its appearance enhances are a while due to oxidation, making the metal become redder and darker.
You need to clean your rose gold engagement ring regularly. You should use water and a mild soap or a solution of salt and vinegar to clean your ring. You can also use gold-safe cleaner and a soft cloth. Remember to wipe the excess away after cleaning the ring and polishing it when you use this cleaner.