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Petite Tapered Trellis Ring with Petite Quattro Wedding Ring

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Metal: Platinum

$1,940 (Setting and Band Only)

Delivery by Valentine’s Day

Order now for delivery by Thu, Feb 10, depending on center diamond.

Ring Information

Petite Tapered Trellis Ring
950 Platinum
Average width:
2.5 mm

Center Diamond

This ring can be set with:


Note: This setting is available only with purchase of a diamond.

Wedding Band Information

Petite Quattro Wedding Ring
950 Platinum
Average width:
1.5 mm

Made Just for You

At our San Francisco design studio, our team designs every ring to delight you, from the first time you see it and every day after. We carefully consider the entire piece—obsessing over comfort, quality, and durability so you can cherish it for a lifetime.

At Brilliant Earth we’ve set a new standard in diamond sourcing: Beyond Conflict Free™. We only accept diamonds from specific mine operations and countries that follow internationally recognized labor, trade, and environmental standards. While the Kimberley Process has made advancements in reducing conflict diamonds, it remains flawed and still leaves diamonds tainted by human rights abuses and environmental degradation in the supply chain.
Brilliant Earth gives back to help build a brighter future in mining communities and in the communities we operate. We also donate to programs that are dedicated to improving human rights and environmental practices in our industry, including Feeding America, the Rainforest Alliance, and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

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August 30, 2021
Exactly what I wanted

This ring is GORGEOUS. The setting is simple with small details that keep it from being boring. It's relatively low-set; a little bit higher than I expected after reading so many reviews about it being low profile, but definitely not too high. The tapered band frames the stone perfectly. I don't wear it all day at work because I use my hands a lot, but I'm confident in the strength of the setting. The shank is wide/thick enough to be super sturdy but also dainty. My stone is a round brilliant, .93 ct, super ideal cut, VVS2 H colored lab diamond (size 6.75 ring) and it sparkles like crazy. This ring is timeless and classic. ...Read More

July 11, 2021

My fiancée loved it! ...Read More

May 11, 2021
Perfect Engagement Ring

Apart from sizing the ring slightly too big (my fault), because we're expecting a baby, this ring is perfect. I recommend soaking it in warm water with dish soap once a week for 20 minutes, then brushing it with a tooth brush and get in behind the diamond so that it can reflect as much light as possible. Because it sparkles like CRAZY and stays that way for days when you clean it. Rings have to be cleaned to stay sparkly. The diamond and setting are perfect with zero visible flaws, and the setting is perfectly done and symmetrical, etc. It's just a perfect classic ring. You have to do your homework one the diamond. This is a 1.13 H VVS2 lab diamond, super ideal cut. You have to dig into angles too to get it right: Table of 54-57% Depth of 60-62.5% No cutlet Crown angle of 33-35 degrees Crown height of 14-16% I bought this with hearts and arrows visible, but it's almost impossible to see because you need very circumstantial lighting for all the right facets to reflect across the arrows all into your eye. I've seen 70% of it at times. You can not see any hearts whatsoever because it's on the back of the diamond. Hearts and arrows is supposedly a mark of a great cut, so if you find a diamond that nearly has H+A, go for it, but don't spend extra on it. A lower-bound depth, like 60%, needs a crown angle that's higher bound, like 35% (trade-off between fire and scintillation or something like that, it doesn't matter).Apart from that, we went lab after researching that mined diamonds are 1) 2-4x more expensive 2) horrible for the environment 3) potentially ethically unsound. The nail in the coffin for mined diamonds was that for the same price as what I paid for this diamond, a mined equivalent would be about .5 - .6 carats. No thanks. Carats matter. I was thinking 1 carat was huge and that 1.13 would be ginormous, but I was wrong, even on my partner's small size 5 finger. 1.13 is "just right", and I could've gone up to 1.3 or 1.4 without complaints from her. Good luck ...Read More