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The Most Popular Oval and Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

Celeste Perron

Every diamond is breathtaking in its own way, but we see the ten classic diamond shapes trending at different times.

Recently we’ve noticed that oval and pear shaped diamonds are increasingly sought after by couples selecting diamond engagement rings. Both shapes are timelessly elegant, but more distinctive than round and square cut diamonds. Because of their relatively long and narrow shapes they visually elongate fingers, for a very flattering look.

If you’re enchanted by these diamond shapes, here is what you need to know about each, as well as the most popular engagement rings featuring oval and pear-shaped diamonds.

All About Oval Diamonds

Oval diamond engagement rings are a perfect choice for the bride who loves the classics but craves something just a little bit distinctive. Oval diamonds possess the brilliance of round diamonds but are less expected, as round diamonds are still the most popular choice for engagement rings. Oval diamond engagement rings are also a great option for the budget-conscious, as the oval cut maximizes surface area and gives you the look of a larger diamond at a lower price.

When choosing an oval diamond, pay attention to the length-to-width ratio. The most traditional oval diamonds feature a length-to-width ratio ranging from 1.3 (a more rounded shape) to 1.6 (a more oblong look).

Top 5 Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

The Waverly Ring

oval waverly copy

The sparkling halo setting of the Waverly Ring surrounds an oval diamond in scalloped pavé diamond accents that make the center diamond appear larger. More diamond accents adorning the band and the gallery add spectacular shimmer from every angle.

The Circa Ring with Lab Sapphire Accents

oval circa copy

The Circa Ring with Lab Sapphire Accents is made even more glamorous by vibrant lab created sapphires set around the exterior edge of the halo. Shimmering diamonds on the gallery and on the split-shank band create a mesmerizing effect.

The Fancy Halo Ring

oval fancy halo copy

The intricate halo of diamonds on the Fancy Halo Diamond Ring with Side Stones embraces and accentuates an oval diamond, while diamond accents on the band equal dazzling beauty.

The Lissome Ring

lissome oval diamond engagement ring copy

In the classically beautiful Lissome Ring, scalloped pavé diamonds embellish the top half of the band. The shoulders rise to a cathedral setting to showcase an oval diamond secured by chic claw prongs.

The Grace Ring

grace oval diamond ring copy


The artfully sculpted Grace Ring features ribbons of precious metal delicately entwining around the oval diamond for a classically elegant look with a contemporary touch.

All About Pear Diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds have been a symbol of love for centuries—in the late eighteenth century French emperor Napoleon gave his beloved Josephine an engagement ring featuring a pear-shaped diamond alongside a pear-shaped sapphire. But despite their storied history, pear engagement rings have been a relatively uncommon choice until recently.

Sometimes called teardrop diamonds, this diamond cut is a modified round brilliant cut, meaning that it features 58 facets and the dazzling sparkle of a round diamond. When choosing a pear-shaped diamond, look for the rounded edge of the diamond to be even and symmetrical, with the point of the teardrop falling directly in between the two rounded edges.  As with oval shaped diamonds, look for a length-to-width ratio of between 1.4 and 1.7.

Often women who receive a pear diamond engagement ring are uncertain how to wear it.  Of course you can wear the ring whatever way you want, but these rings are traditionally worn with the tip of the diamond pointing toward your fingernails.

Top 5 Pear Diamond Engagement Rings


The Odessa Ring

Odessa Pear copy

In the Odessa Ring an intricate pavé diamond halo makes a pear-shaped diamond appear even more dazzling. French pavé diamond accents on the band add to the glamorous effect.

The Verbena Ring

Verbena Pear Diamond Ring copy

A distinctive, nature-inspired design, the Verbena Ring accents a pear-shaped diamond with four marquise shaped diamonds and a claw prong basket setting. Bezel set diamonds sparkle from the shoulders, adding a delightful design detail.

The Fancy Halo Ring with Side Stones


fancy halo pear diamond ring copy

In the antique-influenced Fancy Halo Ring with Side Stones a halo of diamonds embraces and accentuates the shape of the pear diamond at its center. Diamond accents on the band add a truly dazzling effect.

The Six-Prong Petite Comfort Fit Ring


petite comfort fit pear ring copy

With a delicate profile and a timeless beauty, the Six-Prong Petite Comfort Fit Ring showcases a pear diamond in a secure six-prong setting, with a smooth, gently rounded band.

The Waverly Ring


waverly pear copy

The sparkling halo setting of the Waverly Ring surrounds a pear diamond in scalloped pavé diamond accents that enhance the look of the center diamond. More diamond accents adorning the band and the gallery add spectacular shimmer.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of oval and pear diamond engagement rings? Which ring design is your favorite? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or in the comments section!


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