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Lesbian Engagement & Wedding Rings

Commitment Rings: Celebrate Your Union and Embrace Your Values

Celebrate your relationship in an especially meaningful way with commitment rings from Brilliant Earth. Our selection of lesbian engagement rings contains a beautiful array of styles, all underscored by a deep commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Our engagement and wedding rings are handcrafted from recycled precious metals and set with beyond conflict free diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones. The rings you will wear will be stunning, symbolic, and ethically significant.

Whether you prefer a more traditional beyond conflict free diamond wedding band or seek a more unique, custom-designed ring, you can find your perfect commitment ring at Brilliant Earth.

Options for Alternative Engagement Rings

Wear a Band

Many of our gay and lesbian customers prefer non-traditional engagement rings as an alternative to a traditional setting with a showcased center diamond. Diamond bands, such as our Flora Ring, are a stunning way to celebrate your commitment.

Choose a Sapphire

Diamonds are not the only options for engagement rings! A vibrant and distinctive sapphire engagement ring is a stunning, unexpected option. View our collection of Sapphire Engagement Rings to see the breadth of options in colors and shapes for this vibrant center gemstone.

Include Antiques

If you love vintage styling, you might want to consider our collection of antique engagement rings. These one-of-a-kind rings from past eras lend a special romance to your jewelry and your commitment. Does a balance of old and new feel more like you? Consider our Antique Inspired Collection, which features new engagement rings with vintage details.

Make It Modern

If you like clean lines end elegant simplicity, you may find your perfect commitment rings in our collection of modern engagement rings. These rings boast sleek, stylish, and contemporary design with your choice of precious metal and gemstones.

From Vision to Reality: Custom Design Your Rings

Brilliant Earth also offers full-service custom design for couples who prefer to create a unique design to celebrate their new union. Our experienced designers can help take your ideal commitment rings from vision to reality. Couples work closely with our designers to bring their unique vision to life. Enjoy rings that truly symbolize your commitment to a socially progressive and environmentally responsible life.

Recommendations For Pairing

We offer a variety of settings for gay rings and lesbian rings that couples can pair together in any combination. Many couples choose commitment rings that either match or have common elements.  


Some couples prefer that their rings have identical settings but with different gemstones

Or, matching rings with different widths.

Other options include choosing one ring with diamond accents and one without.

Or, selecting different shapes for the center gem.

Or, consider different engagement rings that are tailored to your individual tastes.


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