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Ethical Origin Emeralds

Brilliant Earth offers emeralds of exquisite color and impeccable origin in our broad collection of fine jewelry from ethical sources. Our emeralds come from Colombia, where a unique locale and unusual chemistry create near perfect conditions for intensely green emeralds with ideal tone and saturation. Unlike emeralds from Brazil or Africa, Colombian emeralds shine deeply green in every light with no smoky overtones. The rarity of perfect color in emeralds makes these ethical origin emeralds all the more captivating. Our ethical origin emeralds are perfectly suited to many special occasions.

Unique colored gemstones

Ethical Origin Emeralds

Our Unique Colored Gemstone Collection contains an extensive selection of richly hued emeralds, which can be purchased loose or set into one of our engagement ring settings. We also offer a few stunning emerald designs, including our Three Stone Diamond and Emerald Ring and our Emerald Halo Diamond Pendant .

Our ethical origin emeralds are unearthed in the remote Andes Mountains of Colombia where emeralds have been harvested for hundreds of years. The surrounding area remains lush and unaffected by the traditional low impact mining practices of the region. No harsh chemicals are used to mine the emeralds, and debris is confined to pure sediment and rock. The area is isolated from the violence and corruption of the drugOur Colombian
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trade and organized crime that plagues other parts of Colombia.

Our emeralds are imported by a gemologist who has turned his abiding passion for Colombian emeralds into a vocation. By developing lasting personal relationships with mines in the Muzo mine region of Colombia, our partner has emerged as a specialized source of the finest Colombian emeralds. He strives to ensure that the mine workers who supply our Colombian emeralds are employed under fair and profitable labor practices. Each employee gets room and board, as well as a share of 10 percent of the profits from production.

For over fifteen years, our partner has not only had a dedication to the finest Colombian emeralds, but also a long-standing commitment to community development in Colombia and the United States. He has funded a number of nonprofit organizations operating in Colombia and the United States that help at-risk youth and bolster support for the arts. His recent efforts have also led to long-term improvements in the lives of small scale emerald miners in Colombia. Since 2005, he has been working with organizations including Communities and Small Scale Mining, the World Bank, and the National Federation of Colombian Emeralds to develop certification standards for fair trade emeralds.

The Ethical Emerald Guarantee

Brilliant Earth's ethical origin emeralds are verified to be sourced under strict environmental protection and fair trade labor practices. We track each of our natural gemstones from the moment they are mined to their final delivery in order to provide genuine, high-quality ethically sourced emeralds. All of our emerald rings and other fine jewelry pieces come with a Certificate of Origin that guarantees their ethical origin.



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